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Time Warner drops CW’s station

Central Ohio Time Warner subscribers hoping to see America’s Next Top Model last night instead got the Starz Kids & Family Channel.

Time Warner Cable dropped WWHO-TV (Channel 53) yesterday morning after the company and the station’s owner failed to reach a contract agreement.

WWHO carries the CW network, which offers such shows as America’s Next Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris, 90210 and Gossip Girl. Time Warner carries the network mostly on Channel 13 in central Ohio.

Until yesterday, Time Warner and WWHO owner LIN TV Corp. expressed optimism that resolution would come swiftly. But by yesterday afternoon, with talks still stalled, harsher words began to flow.

“Time Warner has known since August that the contract expired on Oct. 2,” said LIN TV spokeswoman Courtney Guertin. “We previously offered Time Warner an extension and they didn’t accept it, nor even respond. They finally sent their first serious proposal late yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, and we worked diligently beyond midnight to close the gap, but were unsuccessful.”

Guertin said central Ohio viewers could still view WWHO over the air, via satellite or on another cable service.

Time Warner pointed viewers to the CW’s Web site,, for shows.

“We didn’t want WWHO to take its channel away from our customers, but they decided that money was more important to them than their viewers or advertisers,” said Rhonda Fraas, Time Warner Cable Mid-Ohio Division president.

“Our customers shouldn’t be deprived of CW programming just because LIN TV is greedy. We are happy to help our customers find alternative ways to get their favorite shows while negotiations continue.”

One of the main issues is how much Time Warner should pay LIN TV to transmit WWHO and other LIN stations.

Unlike such cable networks as CNN, over-the-air stations for years provided their signals free to cable carriers. The 1992 Cable Act, however, gave them the right to negotiate retransmission of their signals with cable companies. LIN and other such broadcasters have negotiated with cable carriers as their contracts expire.

Fifteen of LIN’s 29 stations, including WDTN in Dayton and WUPW in Toledo, are affected by the negotiations.

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