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‘90210′ season finale spells boatloads of trouble

Adrianna and Navid Lite bond over being narcissistic twits for a bit, and NL inadvertently takes credit for Actual Navid’s cutesy charm bracelet. Actual Navid sees the bracelet on AAdrianna, flips out, barges into a taping of Blaze Live, and screams his true feelings in front of literally everyone at West Bev (via TV). On the upside, AAdrianna admits she likes him too, so it could have gone much, much worse. On the downside, NL is not a man who will take “no” for an answer. He reiterates his offer to take AAdrianna on tour over the summer — all the better for him to steal her away from Navid again.

Annie and Liam bond over their mutual criminal pasts, prompting him to call it quits with lying, self-centered Naomi. Before admitting his misdeeds to Stepdaddy Dearest, he invites Annie to take the born-again-virgin voyage on his handcrafted boat. Lulled by the gentle slapping of the waves against wood and wrapped cozily in a Baja blanket, she confesses to being a certifiable hobo killer. Liam takes her in his arms to console her, getting Jasper (who’s watching from a distance like the stalker he is) blazing mad — enough so to firebomb the S.S. Coin Swiper. Unfortunately, Annie isn’t on the boat at the time because she’s gone home to tell her parents about her murderin’ ways. Fortunately, Liam’s not. He intercepts crutch-crippled Jasper rowing back to shore and beats the ever-loving p*** out of the spikey-haired bandit.

Naomi, meanwhile, reacts about as badly and b****ily to getting dumped as you might expect, then makes a knee-jerk turnabout and launches into an out-of-tune rendition of “Single Ladies,” thankfully without the dance. Eat your heart out, Minnelli! After a big school event leaves her feeling more alone than ever, she finds herself back at West Bev, with car trouble. She seeks help in the only person around — the man she falsely accused of sexually harassing her. Except this time he decides to take advantage of her destroyed credibility to get all rape-y. Boom goes the Cannon!

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Most Scandalous Moments

If last year was Annie’s turn to be cast in the shadows, this time it’s Naomi’s turn. I thought it couldn’t get any worse after her problems with Liam, Jen’s return, and flubbing the SATs, but the season finale proves me wrong. The episode is filled with cliffhangers galore – from Adrianna and Javier’s courtship to the Wilsons marriage and beyond.

I can’t say much more without giving away the farm, so get into it when you read more.

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‘90210′ Season Finale Was Bananas!

It’s just too bad almost The CW gave away almost EVERY twist in the preview!

You’d think that a season finale full of break-ups, drunk driving and (literally) stuff blowing up would make for an exciting finale… and you’d be right! The CW was totally on the money when they called this episode “a finale that all finales wish they could be.”

Here’s a rundown of all the madness that went down on last night’s finale:
The Naomi who cried wolf (AKA the only interesting part of the episode):

It was definitely NOT Naomi’s (AnnaLynne McCord) night! After being dumped by Liam (Matt Lanter), her car broke down and she had to go back into West Bev, where she had a nasty encounter with Mr. Cannon (Hal Ozsan.) He kissed her, slapped her in the face and then (possibly) raped her. We won’t know exactly what went down until season three.

Vote her if you think the teacher did rape Naomi and who Dixon should be dating.

Annie comes clean… sort of:

Annie (Shenae Grimes) finally spilled the beans to Liam about accidentally killing Jasper’s (Zachary Ray Sherman) uncle at the end of season one. She then made a second stop on her confession tour — her house! But did she have the guts to really tell her parents the truth? We’ll find out in the fall.
Fire on the high seas:

A bitter, jealous Jasper set Liam’s boat on fire after seeing him hugging Annie. When Liam arrived on the scene, he caught Jasper in the act, throwing him to the ground and beating him to a bloody pulp. Police sirens were heard in the background… is bad-boy Liam finally getting the punishment that’s been coming to him?

Jen & Ryan’s daddy drama:

We learned last week that Jen (Sara Foster) was pregnant, and last night we learned who the father is: none other than her ex-BF Ryan (Ryan Eggold.) But after making it clear to Ryan that she didn’t want her child to have a “public school teacher” as a father, he hit the bottle… hard! He got drunk, stole one of the school’s shuttle buses, then crashed his own car into the West Bev sign! His car took off (on fire!) into the night. Clear the roads!

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‘90210′ finale: Naomi really tries, doesn’t she?

To be honest, I finished the season finale of “90210” and thought, “That’s it?”

There just didn’t seem to be anything major resolved, and the cliffhangers, used a bit loosely in this case, didn’t feel like finale-level cliffhangers. With that said, there were a couple storylines I enjoyed.

Poor used-up Naomi
I loved everything about Naomi’s story in the finale. There was a lot, yes, but she had movement, activity and depth. I thought the scene in whch she was watching Jen’s ultrasound and trading insults with her at the same time was hilarious. I loved that she stole the paternity results and sent them with balloons to Ryan, which set off his spiral into the role of “homeless drunk man” again. How nuts was his bus-jacking caper? Way to prove you’re ready for fatherhood, Ryan!
I’m also glad Liam dumped Naomi, because they really didn’t have anything in common but physical attraction. Her movement from singing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” to utter depression to falling into the creepy arms of Mr. Cannon was just genius. Shocking, but genius.

She may not be rich anymore, but her storyline next season will be.

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TV Ratings

The CW: “90210″ (1.6 million, 1.0/2)

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Vote for 90210 as best drama series!!!

Confession Screencaps

// 2×22 Confessions: HQ Screencaps

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Michael Steger on his love rival

Poor Navid isn’t doing so well these days on 90210 — just when he’s decided to win back Adrianna, his first love, this Mexican pop star comes on the scene and sweeps her off her feet. What’s a love-struck teen to do?

Michael Steger has some idea, and they involve some unlikely lessons. Find out what Michael has to say about that, working with his boys, and forging a new and dysfunctional work relationship on the show:

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New spoiler for season 3

Please tell me that we’ve seen the last of Javier on 90210. I want Adrianna and Navid to stay together! — Amanda
MICKEY: You’ll get your wish — for now. As long as Adrianna can turn a blind eye to Navid’s shameless whoring around Bon Temps, Navianna will have its moment in the sun. But don’t forget that Ade is going on tour with Javier this summer, so there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see him again in the fall. At least that’s what pop star Diego Boneta, who plays Javier, told us.

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‘90210’s’ Shenae Grimes on the finale, Luke Perry and whether Liam’s boat floats

Shooting on Season 2 of “90210” has wrapped, but Shenae Grimes (who plays Annie) isn’t resting. She’s working on finding a hospital to partner with on a nonprofit program she founded called Project Lemonade. The program aims to enrich the lives of seriously ill children and teens by pairing them with an artist peer.

Project Lemonade grew out of Grimes’ personal photography project, in which she took photos of her best friend, Laura Worthington, as she was fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that affects the lymphatic system, part of the immune system.

In March, Grimes had her first showing of those photos at a silent auction benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and she would like to do many more.

“I’m hoping to pair off with a hospital in L.A.,” Grimes, 20, tells us, “and start this sort of creative, spiritual endeavor for pediatric cancer patients, and hopefully it will become an annual event.”

Grimes spoke to us not only about Project Lemonade but also about which of the original “Beverly Hills, 90210” cast members she’d love to guest-star on the show, Rob Estes’ departure and what to expect from “90210’s” Season 2 finale.

Warning: Spoiler alert!

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