An Interview with Jessica Lowndes

In terms of sexuality, television has come a long, long way since the days when couples couldn’t even sleep in the same bed and were forced to have a foot on the floor during bedroom scenes. Even in the 20 years since the original 90210 began, the FCC censors are much more tolerant of sexually explicit scenes, especially when it comes to same sex love scenes.

On 90210, Adrianna has recently discovered that she has feelings for Gia and since she is just coming out of a very serious relationship with Navid, naturally she is having some conflicting feelings about whether or not she is gay. Realizing they have a big responsibility to the teenage viewers to tell this story realistically, the writers have paid special attention to detail and I believe they have done a fantastic job with the entire storyline.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica Lowndes, who plays Adrianna on 90210, about the relationship between her character and Gia and where the show is headed as season two winds down…

Q: How would you best describe your character?

Jessica: “Adrianna is someone who has a very addictive personality, and she is addicted to the highs and the lows and the drama. Drama seems to follow her everywhere, but she kind of welcomes it into her life. When things are in a state of panic, all she wants is peace, but when things are going fine, she gets bored. She was a washed-up child star, with an extremely controlling stage mom who wants her to get back on top. She battled drug addiction, a pregnancy and is now questioning her sexuality. She’s also exploring her musical side, which I think is the healthiest outlet for her because of her addictive personality, this is something that is not drugs that she can put her emotions and time into which I think is fantastic.”

Q: From teenage pregnancy to a serious drug problem, why is it that Adrianna seems to be the one who goes through the most problems?

Jessica: “I think it’s the addictive personality. Everything that happens to her is really true to who she is and I think she kind of welcomes it – not really on purpose, but sort of on purpose. She is someone at the end of the day is a very responsible character. I think that’s an admirable quality and probably the reason people don’t hate her. She’s someone who has a very good heart and isn’t afraid to be who she is. I think it’s an amazing way to live.”

Q: Your character recently realized she is attracted to Gia, can we expect this relationship to last?

Jessica: “Yes, they definitely will be together a while because they really do have something special. They learn a lot from each other and grow together. That being said, Navid’s presence is always there – not to say that they’re going to get back together, but nobody can really compete with their history. They experienced so much together and that causes some insecurity on Gia’s part. When things are going just fine, something dramatic has to happen. There is lots of drama to be had.”

Q: Will Adrianna’s sexuality put her in a better place emotionally, or is she destined to self-destruct again?

Jessica: “I think she’s bound to self-destruct, but this time she’s very determined to make it work. There are things out of her control that may affect that.”

Q: What’s ahead for your character?

Jessica: “She’s now in a girl band called the Glorious Steinems, so you’ll see that throughout the next few episodes. There’s going to be a lot more music incorporated throughout the next few episodes. I got to put two of my own songs on the show towards the end of the season, which are kind of pop-rocky. That’s what I do when I’m not on camera – I’m recording an album. There’s a life-changing thing that happens to Adrianna. It’s a whole lifestyle change and everything is kind of thrown at her at once and it’s very overwhelming. I can’t wait for you to see the next few episodes; the writers did such an amazing job.”

Q: If Adrianna and Gia don’t work out, do you think she will continue to go down this path?

Jessica: “I think you see two sides – Gia, who has known her whole life that she is attracted to women and then you have Adrianna, who has been attracted to men and is still very much attracted to men, but happens to be connecting with this woman and having these feelings. She’s just a passionate person and it really comes down to who she is connecting with.”

Q: How have people reacted to this storyline?

Jessica: “This show has been the coolest experience for me, I’ve been given such pressing issues with society and the best gift I can give people is helping them to not feel so alone in the situation that they’re going through. Just two days ago, I met a guy who has been battling his sexuality — he’s 13 and in high school and is so excited that this storyline is going to be on TV because he doesn’t feel embarrassed anymore. A lot of people have responded really well and I think they’re going to be pleased with the next few episodes.”

Q: Anything to say to the fans?

Jessica: “Just how much I appreciate their support and dedication to the show. Keep watching and enjoying.”


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