Trevor Donovan talks about Teddy, acting and really bad horror flicks

As 90210 hurtles towards its purportedly cataclysmic season finale, we’re getting sucked in even more with a series of great actor interviews. And now we’ve got another one!

Trevor Donovan, who plays our adorable Teddy Montgomery on the show, took some time out of his Friday to chat with us. Turns out the most extroverted character on the show used be shy – who knew? Maybe that means there’s hope for even us nerdy writing-types. But probably not.

Anyway, we had a great chat with Trevor about the upcoming episodes and his career, including bumps in the road ahead for Teddy and Silver, the advent of Mr. Montgomery Sr. and how he got into acting. Read on!

Teddy originally started on the show as a character we all loved to hate; do you think he’s evolved into someone that people can identify with more?
Most definitely. You will see it in the upcoming episodes, especially with the introduction of my dad. You’ll see why he is the way he is, and there’s a whole lot more to Teddy’s character. So that hate will start to fade. (Laughs)

Right, Ryan O’Neal is coming on as Teddy’s dad. What was it like working with such an iconic actor?
Not iconic, he’s a legend! But let me just say that it was an honor and such a pleasure to work with him, it was an amazing experience.

What is their relationship going to be like?
It brings out a different side of Teddy’s character, there’s going to be a lot more intensity. Teddy becomes very volatile around his father; he brings out another level in Teddy and you’ll start see why he is the way he is.

Silver kind of messed up her new relationship with Teddy this week with her spying scheme. Is this something Teddy can forgive and forget?
Let’s just say there will be much bigger issues at stake. Teddy’s dad is going to create some big issues for Teddy and Silver and that little spying thing is just going to fall to the wayside.

Have you ever had a similar experience with a girlfriend?
Yep. I was having a little déjà vu in this episode. I guess when you’re in love you do some weird things?

How hard is it going to be for Teddy to shed his past habits as a player?
Well, I think it’s great, Silver and Teddy getting together. Their development is coming from a very solid place, a very emotional and mental place, not just something like hooking up. They have such a great foundation that it doesn’t take effort for Teddy to shed his “playboy ways”, it just happens organically.

You and Teddy are both California boys, are there any other characteristics you share with him?
You mean the playboy thing? (Laughs)

I guess I was thinking more about surfing…
Surfing, definitely! I do my own surfing on the show, which is great. But I’ve been surfing since I was a kid. My dad was actually an amazing surfer, he had even been on the cover of some surfing magazines. I actually grew up in the snow, I grew up in Mammoth, but surfing has always been a part of my life.
In terms of character traits, I think Teddy and I are both the lighthearted happy-go-lucky type, we tend to look at things positively.

What is it like experiencing the drama of high school all over again?
Let me start by saying that my high school, and probably like 99 percent of all high schools, was not at all like West Beverly. It’s not necessarily revisiting as existing in a different universe, but it’s a blast! And the writing is just so good. They brought in the same-sex relationship and the drug use which are big issues that I think high school students can relate to.

Is Teddy going to have further involvement as a witness in Annie’s hit-and-run?
I can’t say much, but I can say that the hit-and-run issue is finally going to be resolved. It is a jaw-dropping season finale. I love it, they did such a great job with it.

You previously worked on the soap Days of Our Lives, what was the environment like on a soap compared with a show like 90210?
Oh my God, it was day and night, and that’s not just a play on words, with the daytime-soap, prime-time show… With a soap you’re shooting an entire episode a day. It was hard, soap opera acting is HARD. You’re memorizing 30-40 pages of script a night. It was an acting boot camp, but it was all part of the journey, and I’m grateful for it.

You also got into acting after a successful career in modeling, what motivated you to change careers?
It wasn’t so much motivation, but I was so shy and introverted that I started taking acting classes because I couldn’t get in front of a camera. I had no intention of being an actor at all, I just wanted to get out of my shell. I found after taking more and more classes that I really loved it.

Was the professional transition difficult after that?
Oh, man. I don’t even want to talk about the first film I did. I think every actor does the same kind of film when they first start off, and it was a horror film. That film will definitely come back to bite me in the ass. But it definitely had its good points; I got to spend a month on a tropical beach in the Dominican Republic. The process was great, it was just the product…not so great.

Do you have plans or aspirations for other kinds of acting, such as film or stage?
Film. Film, film, film. That’s the medium where you get to really dive into the character and really explore it with the director. And theater as well because I have this really big, booming voice, and I love to be on stage and be loud. (Laughs)


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