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Naomi won’t speak up about sexual assault

In the final scenes of the “90210″ season-ender, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) was sexually assaulted by her teacher. McCord tells TV Squad that she hopes that she can use the incident to support and empower real-life victims of sexual assault.

“I like to be able to speak out about things and use the opportunity to be in the public eye and have notoriety in order to pump my issues, whatever they are,” she says. “For me it’s very important to reach out to my fans and let them know if they experience any kind of physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, that they need to speak up about it.”

Naomi, however, won’t be speaking up too soon. “She feels like she put herself in a position where she doesn’t have a voice,” McCord says, speaking of the fact that Naomi “cried wolf” about sexual harassment earlier in the season.

“For me it’s very important to reach out to my fans and let them know if they experience any kind of physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, that they need to speak up about it. I do think, given the conversation with the showrunner before the end of the season, that in the new season we’re going to see what happens when you don’t deal with it, when you don’t speak up about it.”

As a result of the assault, Naomi will take a “darker turn.” McCord says we shouldn’t expect to see her open up to her friends or to authorities right away. “I think you’ll still see the Naomi who’s flamboyant and covers her problems because she can’t let anyone know that she’s in pain or she’s hurting.”

“She’s going to have to cover more. You’re going to see her act out — we talked about… her acting out, her being a klepto, we talked about a lot of different things. I don’t really know in what direction we’re going to go, but you’re going to see her take a darker turn.”

It’s so important to McCord that victims speak up that she wants to personally help those who feel that they can’t. “If you can’t talk to anyone, find a way to contact me — not the people impersonating me — actually contact me and I will do something about it,” she promises.

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Tristan @ Monte Carlo TV Festival

I hope I can find some more…

// 2010-06-08 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival – Day 2

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Jessica Lowndes You Never Knew Me Simon G Palazzo Vegas Concert

Dial M for McCord

‘90210′ star AnnaLynne McCord loves to be involved with anything new, trendy and up and coming. So when NBC/Universal came to her with the Dial Star Web project, she was very interested. “I really don’t do the whole playing myself thing. It gives me anxiety. But it was a cool premise, and, I was given creative input and came on as an Executive Producer.” recently caught up with AnnaLynne to talk about the new Web series, 90210, and some of her passion projects.

Dial Star focuses on a girl named Celia who ends up pretending to be AnnaLynne after getting a hold of her cell phone. She does it in hopes of using AnnaLynne’s fame, to get her big Hollywood break. We asked AnnaLynne what HER big break was she said her role as Eden on Nip/Tuck was definitely a big confidence booster and helped her gain recognition in the industry.

So what would AnnaLynne tell someone like Celia who is trying to become an actress or musician? “It’s a hard process. The first thing I tell people- you have to have the passion. You have to think to yourself, could I do this every day for the rest of my life and not get paid for it. If you can say yes, then you have a good shot. It’s the one career, in my opinion, that you are either at the top or you are at the bottom. There is rarely a middle ground. I also believe in the law of attraction- what’s in your mind can be brought to fruition in this world.”

Throughout the series, Celia and AnnaLynne communicate via text message so we thought we would ask she about the funniest text she ever got. “I got this encoded message that seemed really strange – it was symbols and letters. But I remember I sat there for 45 min. trying to analyze the message. And I thought my friend had sent it by accident. Then she told me to turn my phone upside down to read the message. It was so silly. I think I forwarded it onto my sisters.”

Speaking of sisters, AnnaLynne often says that her 90210 character Naomi reminds her of her baby sister. “As far as the comedy and the loyalty to her friends and big heart… that’s my sister 100%. When I am working Naomi comes so easily to me and I didn’t realize why, but it is really because I have lived with her for 21 years!”

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90210 Trailer – Summer

AnnaLynne McCord Talks Ridiculous Web Rumors

AnnaLynne McCord is certainly one of the “it” girls of young Hollywood. She shot to fame thanks to ‘Nip/Tuck’ and ‘90210,’ and now the blonde bombshell is going digital in a new Web-only series called ‘Dial*’ (pronounced “Dial Star”). The premise of the show is all about someone finding AnnaLynne’s cell phone and the ensuing drama that could come with such a situation. Given the sensitive materials that could and have been found on the phones of some celebs (explicit pictures, videos, etc.), we wanted to ask Miss McCord what the worst thing someone might find on hers would be. Her answer, plus the most ridiculous Web rumor she’s heard about herself … after the jump!

So ‘Dial*’ will be seen on the Web only. What’s the most ridiculously false thing you’ve read about yourself on the Internet?

Actually, quite frankly, I make it a point to try not to read anything. You have to believe the good, and if you believe the good, you have to believe the good and the bad in my opinion. So, I try not to read any of it, so I don’t have to go along with it. I do know, I don’t know if it was on the Internet, but someone in France told me that while I was in France I was apparently also dating Shia LaBeouf. [Laughs] I was like, “That’s really cool, I wonder what it’s like to date him and not realize that you’re dating him,” because I really wasn’t aware that I was with him ever. [Laughs] But, that wasn’t really me reading it on the Web.

Stars have gotten into some trouble with people hacking into their private phone photos. Would there be anything on your phone that you have to worry about?

Well, I like to think of myself as a wise woman, and I learn from the mistakes of others, so absolutely not. If there was, there are passwords and their are codes and I don’t even want to go there with that. The worst thing they’d find on my phone is me doing a cross-eyed photo with my sisters, making some goofy face, which is definitely blackmail worthy, but not really in the way I’m sure they’re hoping when they’re trying to exploit my pictures on my phone.

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AnnaLynne McCord Talks ‘Dial*,’ ‘90210′ and Celebrity Impersonators

AnnaLynne McCord has a beef with celebrity impersonators. She also likes to be on the forefront of new and emerging forms of entertainment, so when the ‘Dial*’ (‘Dial Star’) web series opportunity was presented to her, she said she was very intrigued.

In the AT&T and NBC Universal Web series that will be available across mobile and Internet platforms starting June 8, McCord plays herself and is also an executive producer on the project that finds her cell phone falling into the hands of an aspiring actress. The young actress, Celia, suddenly has all sorts of doors start to open for her because she has McCord’s phone and some private information that gets her into swanky parties and in front of the right industry people.

The project struck close to home for McCord. She said she has dozens of impersonators online and has even been verbally attacked by one. The ‘90210′ starlet chatted with TV Squad on all things ‘Dial*,’ how she reclaims her privacy amidst the watching eye of the paparazzi, her film work and of course what’s coming up for her character in Beverly Hills, Naomi.

What drew you to this Web project?
It was interesting when Universal and NBC first approached me, they came in and they had a lovely spiel. They were like, “Rosario Dawson has done this, this is the future.” I’m very on board with whatever is trendy and coming up next. I love the idea of everything heading towards the Internet with iTunes and all of that. That’s where it’s all going. I like to get on the bandwagon early, you know what I mean?

As far as the project itself, I was hesitant initially. I really don’t do the whole playing myself thing — that gives me anxiety to say the least. But it was cool because I was given some creative input and actually came on as an executive producer and took what they started with as far as ideas with everything like having my cell phone stolen and someone trying to impersonate me. We took it and added a different level because I’ve been dealing and I know a lot of other entertainers — actors, singers, what have you — personalities in the public eye deal with the issue of Twitter, Facebook fan pages and people impersonating us and speaking to our fans.

I’ve actually had someone on Twitter, someone who has my name right now, @AnnaLynneMcCord, curse at me and tell me that I’m a bitch and that I need to get off because I’m not the real AnnaLynne McCord. I’m like, “Um, OK, well can you please elaborate on what AnnaLynne McCord is thinking right now because she’s a little pissed as far as I know.” So this gets into something I know that my peers deal with. It was a kind of cool little venue and outlet for me in a way to kind of talk about it … Imitation is usually the highest form of flattery and I realize that. In this regard, it’s kind of impersonation. It’s stealing somebody’s identity and it’s really not cool. If you want to make a fan page, if you want to show your support, we’re so appreciative of that, but don’t impersonate me and don’t pretend to be me and talk to my fans as if you’re speaking on my behalf because that’s not fair to me.

You know, that was one of my other questions because I searched for you on Twitter [@IAMannalynnemcc] and there were tons of people pretending to be you.
Yeah, if you noticed I don’t even have my own name! I’m on there because it’s been a great catalyst for me to spread awareness about the great organizations I support and it’s been incredible as far as that. Obviously I was able to incorporate that into this piece on the web series, but yeah, it’s crazy! Like, can I be myself, please? Does someone out there already own my name on every different web account there is? It’s crazy.

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Pics, Pics, Pics

I added a few more pics to the following events

// 2010-06-05 Simon G. Jewelry’s “Summer Soiree” At The Venetian
// 2010-06-05 9th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

…and these are new

// 2010-06-07 Tristan Wilds at Nice Airport
// Annalynne: Shoot 27
// Matt: Shoot 10
// Shenae: Shoot 13

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Robin Thicke, Jessica Lowndes, Nikki Reed, Kelly Bensimon, Gilles Marini at ‘Summer Soiree’ at The Venetian

On Saturday, Simon G. Jewelry presented Summer Soiree, a star-studded musical evening at The Venetian pool deck (Pictured above: Jessica Lowndes & Robin Thicke – Photo credit: IS Photography/

The invitation-only gala was hosted by Melissa Rycroft featuring musical performances by sultry R& B singer Robin Thicke, emerging Las Vegas country artist CJ Goldner, Dr. Hollywood and a highly anticipated debut performance by 90210’s Jessica Lowndes, who wore Simon G. Jewelry in support of the event.

The exclusive and celebrated evening with the stars highlighted the launch of Simon G. Jewelry’s sustainable line of jewelry to benefit Global Green U.S.A. Fans of Simon G. Jewelry included Twilight Star Nikki Reed who showed her love for precious stones as she doted earrings, bangles, and a necklace from Simon G. Jewelry alongside Guiliana Rancic and Kelly Bensimon, Erin Lucas, and Melissa Rycroft who also wore lavish pieces from the collection.

Nikki Reed has been a Simon G. Jewelry fan for a long time. “I love how deep the Simon G. jewelry collection is. Simon G. is so versatile from amazing delicate pieces to hard core edgy pieces.” She brought her brother to the event. The two are both big Robin Thicke and the Palazzo fans. Nikki Reed was so in love with her bed at the Palazzo as she said, “it is the most comfortable bed I have been working so much lately it is great to relax in a comfortable bed.”

Jessica Lowndes also expressed her love and passion for Simon G Jewelry ” I love all of Simon G jewelry’s cocktail rings and necklaces.”

Gilles Marini was so taken by the jewelry that he purchased a new wedding band for his wife. Newlyweds Melissa Rycroft and Tye Strickland also shined on the red carpet with their matching Simon G. Jewelry wedding bands.

Guiliana and Bill Rancic, Warren Sapp, Gilles Marini also gave of their time at the Simon G. Jewelry booth at JCK in support of Simon G. Jewelry’s sustainable line; greeting and taking photos with fans.

During the day, stars were pampered in cabanas at AZURE at The Palazzo pool where Warren Sapp and Gilles Marini goofed off while talking about the NBA finals. Kelly Bensimon, Erin Lucas, and Krysten Ritter also soaked up some sun. Stars also had spa treatments at Canyon Ranch SpaClub.

On the red carpet Guiliana Rancic and Kelly Bensimon joked about Kelly’s Playboy spread as Guiliana said, “I wish I had a body like Kelly, its all that volleyball she plays.”

With Melissa Rycroft playing host for the evening it was a star-studded musical line-up as 90210’s Jessica Lowndes made her debut performance opening for a steamy Robin Thicke who had everyone getting loose on the dance floor. Dancing with Stars alumni Anna Trebunskaya and husband Jonathan Roberts showed their real life romance as they did an intimate dance duet for the crowd, while Gilles Marini took on the challenge of five women as he flaunted his moves with Kelly Bensimon, Anna Trebunskaya, Erin Lucas, Emily Van Kamp, and Finola Hughes.

Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland where spotted in the corner cuddling and slow dancing throughout the night. And although performances were finished the stars refused to end the night early as they gathered at Aquaknox following the event for dinner. Nikki Reed was ecstatic as she enjoyed Halibut for the first time and said, “I love it!” Gilles Marini dined on lobster and soon after was joined by Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts before the three left to dance some more at TAO nightclub. Robin Thicke, after his amazing performance dined on Lobster as well at Aquaknox. He was in such awe of The Venetian Hotel that he requested a private table at TAO Beach.

Friday night stars could be found dining at the newly opened Timpano Tavern at The Venetian, which combines a modern style tavern setting, American cuisine, inviting libations, and crisp-efficient service which creates a fun dining experience. Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland were so excited to be there and even caught a drink with Gilles Marini, who got a private showing of the wine room.


Bebe Teams Up with 90210!

In the never-ending sea of designer collabs, an unlikely pair recently announced their union. Fashion-forward retail chain Bebe is teaming up with the CW’s 90210 for four annual collections comprised of dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. The show’s stylists and Bebe’s creative design team will work together on designing the line, which will reflect the sexy, modern attitude of the characters in the series.

Now it will certainly be easier to get the clothes that fashion darlings AnnaLynne McCord and Jessica Stroup wear on screen (we wonder if they’ll be guest-designing any pieces) but we must admit: we’d be a lot more excited if Gossip Girl was announcing the same project. Nonetheless, we’ll check out the line when it hits stores, but it might be a bit of a wait (no release date has been set).

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