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Photoshoot Update

I noticed that this post is getting longer and longer :) I will stop for now and add more on the weekend.

// Rob Estes > Photoshoots
// Adam: Shoot 04
// Adam: Shoot 05
// Adam: Shoot 06
// JessicaL: Shoot 11
// Annalynne: Shoot 25
// Annalynne: Shoot 26
// Ryan: Shoot 01
// Ryan: Shoot 04
// Jennie: Shoot 04
// Jennie: Shoot 05
// Jennie: Shoot 06

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Another Annalynne Event

// Alice + Olivia Tea Party Benefitting Children’s Defense Fund
// P.S. Arts Presents The Bag Lunch

0009.jpg 0008.jpg 0012.jpg 0007.jpg
lori_bags_0005.jpg lori_bags_0002.jpg lori_bags_0001.jpg lori_bags_0003.jpg

More Updates and older pics:
// Lori leaving a Vera Wang event
// A/X and Elle Night of Disco Glam Hosted by Joe Zee
// Lori Loughlin Was All Smiles At BOA!
// Lori Loughlin goes skiing with her daughters
// Lori takes her daughters Christmas shopping in Aspen
// Rob and Lori have lunch together
// Lori out in LA
// Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli leaving Nobu restaurant

New spoiler

How are they going to get rid of Harry Wilson on 90210? — Mindy
MICKEY: The Wilsons’ marriage is heading south, that’s how. Only this time, it’s Debbie whose actions will screw things up, especially once Dixon’s birth mother comes to town with some special insight.

‘90210′ Star Tristan Wilds Talks About The Show Without Rob Estes & Jennie Garth: ‘It’s Different’

He says the vibe has changed since the two stars took off.

The CW’s 90210 has certainly taken a hit in the past month — both Jennie Garth and Rob Estes decided to leave the show to pursue other ventures — but star Tristan Wilds says the cast is carrying on just fine. “We still remain family,” he told exclusively at OK! magazine’s 3rd Annual Midnight Grammy Brunch on Jan. 30 in Hollywood. And as for the vibe on set, he says it’s a little different now. “Not in a bad way,” he said. “Not in a good way. It’s just different.”

Tristan’s answer was definitely more toned down than the one we got from another 90210 star, AnnaLynne McCord. When we asked her about the couple’s exit from the show, she was pretty blunt about her feelings.

“Um … [Jennie] hasn’t been on the show in a few episodes, but, um, we had fun,” she told us at the Jan. 28 Artists for Haiti event in Los Angeles. “Thank you for letting us do your show over again. We appreciate that.” And even though she didn’t seem to care about Jennie, she said she was “devastated” about Rob. “As everyone knows, I’m in love with Rob as are most women in the universe,” she raved. “I’m going to really miss you, Rob!!”


Insiders Reveal Why Rob Estes and Jennie Garth Are Leaving 90210

He’s a goner.

The CW confirms that Rob Estes will no longer be a part of 90210 as of next season.

Though widespread reports have it that Rob Estes has “quit” the CW’s remake, I’m hearing there’s more to the story, which also may explain Jennie Garth’s departure…

According to insiders close to the negotiations, Estes is leaving the series because he could not agree on compensation for the upcoming season with the CW. I’m told the show’s producers ultimately were willing to let Rob go because executive producer Rebecca Kirshner and her creative team would like to focus more on the younger castmembers (AnnaLynne McCord, we’re looking at you) and less on the older—particularly those who starred on the original 90210 and Melrose Place series (such as Jennie and Rob).

“They just don’t want the old people on the new show anymore,” one CW insider tells me of the show’s bosses, while another source adds that producers are simply “trying to establish a separate identity for the new show.”

The CW has no official comment on Estes’ exit yet, but is expected to release a statement later today.

As for what’s next for Jennie, whose 90210 departure was confirmed last week, Jennie herself tells me that she has “lots of irons in the fire,” including a children’s book, work with the American Heart Association and a new small-screen project with a certain Twilight star with whom she just so happens to be married.

“My husband [Peter Facinelli] is writing a script we’re developing for television,” Jennie tells me.

Who needs that silly ol’ ZIP code after all?

UPDATE: A rep for 90210 tells us: “This is Rob’s last season on 90210. He’s a talented actor and we couldn’t have asked for a better Harry Wilson. But if fans tune in, they’ll understand why Rob’s character is leaving.”

And Rob Estes himself has just given us this statement: “This is my final season on 90210 and I wish the show, cast and crew nothing but the best. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids and exploring other opportunities.”

Source: eOnline

‘90210′: Rob Estes leaving, Harry Wilson will be written out

First Kelly Taylor, now Harry Wilson.

Looks like the adults in the new “90210″ universe are not long for this world.

Just two days after Jennie Garth announced that she’s not really doing the show anymore, we find out that West Bev is not only losing its school counselor, but its principal too.

Sources tell Zap2it that Rob Estes’ character, Harry Wilson, will be written out of the show by season’s end. And since Harry is father to Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and husband to Debbie (Lori Loughlin), you can be sure that the Wilson family has some hard times ahead.

A rep for “90210″ confirms, “This is Rob’s last season on ‘90210.’ He’s a talented actor and we couldn’t have asked for a better ‘Harry Wilson.’ But if fans tune in, they’ll understand why Rob’s charcter is leaving.”

Estes released a statement Wednesday (Jan. 20) saying, “I wish the show, cast and crew nothing but the best. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids and exploring other opportunities.”

Word is, Estes’ exit is a result of failed contract negotiations. In other words, cash money. However, Estes apparently leaves “90210″ on good terms with producers and with The CW.

Who knows, maybe he’ll show up on another one of the network’s shows.

Source: zap2it

Jennie Garth And Rob Estes Are Too Old For 90210?

That seems to be the news on the Net. Last week, Jennie Garth’s departure was confirmed and just recently, Rob Estes, who plays the high school principal and Wilson family patriarch Harry on 90210, has announced that he too is leaving.

There has been talk that the actor and the show’s producers were unable to reach an agreement on compensation for the next season.

But an insider spilled to E! that the show’s producers wanted to concentrate more on the younger cast members and were willing to do away with the older ones.

“They just don’t want the old people on the new show anymore,” the source said. Say it isn’t so! They also want to distance the new show from the old one too apparently.

Jennie has other projects lined up already (including one with hubby Peter Facinelli) while Rob released a statement: “This is my final season on 90210 and I wish the show, cast and crew nothing but the best. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids and exploring other opportunities.”

His rep says that fans will understand why Rob’s character is leaving when they tune in to the show.

Source: galaxyblog

90210 Star Rob Estes Quits The Hit Show

After a little initial flurry in the figures the re-work of the 1990’s hit show 90210 came back with a bang, guaranteeing a ratings success for the CW network.

With a whole new cast of characters as well as cameos from old stalwarts, the brand new 90210 delivers all the bang for your buck and all the glorious bitchiness and backstabbing of the original.

The next season is set to air in the close future – a date has yet to be released by CW as they gear up to debut their new line-up – but don’t expect to see all your favorite characters when 90210 returns to the screens.

Jennie Garth has already announced that she won’t be renewing her role as Kelly Taylor on the the next season and now can exclusively reveal that one of the new characters will also be noticeably absent.

Veteran actor and past soap star, Rob Estes, who plays Harry Wilson the school principal, has abruptly and unexpectedly quit the show amongst rumors of contract negotiations falling short of the mark.

“The bottom line is that Rob won’t be on the show next season,” a source close to the situation tells “ The producers, the studio and Rob came to the conclusion together that his role had ran its course. There just wasn’t enough for Rob to do because the show is more about the kids.”

But going on to hint at the real reason for Rob quitting the show, the source continues, “Rob’s an expensive actor and wants to be challenged and it became increasingly clear that most of the penny lifting was going to the younger cast members of the show, who Rob adores. He’s absolutely leaving the show on good terms.”

But another source tells a slightly different story about Estes’ departure. “Rob’s not happy about it all,” the source tells exclusively. “Basically they couldn’t agree on money and that’s all it comes down to.”

“Rob’s an experienced actor and feels he deserves to be compensated accordingly, but the CW just want to cut costs and they want to reward all these young, hot, up and coming, and therefore cheaper, actors and actresses instead.

“Rob was loving working on the show and was really looking forward to continuing to do so. Plus, to be frank, he needs the money, this is going to hit him hard.”

Jennie Garth’s story seems to be a little different though, Randy James, Jenni Garth’s manager, tells, “Jennie never had a contract on the show. It was never our intention for her to go on as a series regular, nor was it theirs. She was just doing the show episode by episode.”

“She came onto the show to help them re-launch it and I think that she enjoyed the time that she was on, and they feel she was valuable, but she wants to spend more time with her kids and pursue other projects. She has three young daughters and isn’t interested in that heavy of a workload at this point in her life.”

“Saying she quit the show isn’t a fair way to put it because she was never under contract. When there was a storyline that she enjoyed and fit her schedule, she’d go on and do it. It was a very casual relationship. There were no contract or money disputes at all.”

Source: Radar Online

Jennie Garth Puts the Kibosh on 90210’s Grown-Up Love Triangle

90210 fans let out a collective groan (well, we did, at least) at the end of the first season when a potential new love triangle was introduced.

Kelly cannot break up 2.0’s version of Cindy and Jim Walsh, Debbie and Harry Wilson, played by Lori Loughlin and Rob Estes! Granted, they don’t quite get along as peachy as the original parent pair, but they still have to stay together. They just have to.

Well, you can breathe a collective sigh of relief—Jennie Garth agrees wholeheartedly.

Jennie was in the middle of promoting her fabulous work with Trident and Smiles Across America, which brings dental health care to underserved kids, when we caught up with her last week, but she was happy to give us her thoughts on the Romance That Should Not Be.

“I’m not a big fan of that storyline,” she told us exclusively. “It’s just bizarre and weird.”

Wait until you hear where it’s going…

“I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere,” Garth said decisively. “I’m not going to let Kelly be a homewrecker, so there’s no place for it to really go.”

Saying goodbye to another major storyline was considerably more difficult. Jennie recently filmed the upcoming death of her onscreen mother. Jackie Taylor Silver (played by Ann Gillespie in both versions of 90210) succumbs to cancer in an upcoming episode.

“It was surreal for both of us,” Jennie said. “Ann Gillespie was so kind to come back and allow them to kill her like that. She and I were really pretty wrecked over it because she’d been playing my mom for so many years…It was really a very, very sad day at work.”

However, she wouldn’t say if Jackie and Kelly ever kissed and made up before they had to say their farewells. Nor did she know if the loss of her mother would send Silver (Jessica Stroup) running back to crazytown.

Luckily, Jennie is much less sad about all the story potential for her character in the new gay-themed storylines. (In case you haven’t heard, Rumer Willis’ character, Gia, will be hooking up with Jessica Lowndes’ character, Adrianna, later this year.)

“If Kelly’s a part of it, as far as being a guidance counselor, I think that that would be really great,” she said. “I have absolutely zero knowledge of what is in store for Kelly at this point. You know more than me.”

Are you as relieved as we are that a principal-guidance counselor hookup is not in the cards? Or do you think Debbie and Harry are still on shaky ground regardless? And are you sad to see Jackie go?

Source: eOnline

New Photoshoots

// Shenae: Shoot 09

shoot0006.jpg shoot0005.jpg shoot0004.jpg shoot0003.jpg

// Michael: Shoot 01
// Cast: Shoot 15

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