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Go Tropical Like 90210 Beauty AnnaLynne Mccord

The actress manages to pull off an array of statement shades in this hot summer look by mixing a neon yellow vest, orange beads and turquoise shoes.

But AnnaLynne knows better than to overdo the colour palette and breaks up the bights with a pair of white slashed, straight-legged jeans and nude accessorises.

The LA star completes the look with a multicoloured scarf, which picks up on all the colours in her outfit and of course some neon yellow nail varnish.

Top marks AnnaLynne, now fingers crossed for a red-hot summer and some 90210 guy look-alikes!

Recreate this summery look with a neon yellow top, (£7, Newlook), these slashed stone-washed jeans (£15, and a pair of turquoise peep-toe shoes (£12, Priceless Shoes).

Accesorise your outfit with some bright orange beads (£5 Newlook), this gorgeous multi-coloured scarf (£4, Newlook) and an oversized nude bag (£38, Miss Selfridge).

For the finishing touch add a coat of this neon yellow nail varnish (£2.25, Newlook) then get ready for some long summers days.

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Here’s the Major Plot Twist Cut from the 90210 Finale

So have you kids kept watching the 90210 reboot? It got kind of fun and cotton candyish this year and the writers made some interesting decisions, like giving more screentime to AnnaLynne McCord, eliminating the original stars altogether (a decision Shannen Doherty is fine with) and saddling putative lead Shenae Grimes with a season-long downer of a plot. E! broke the news that this year’s finale was supposed to resolve Grimes’s storyline with a major twist, but only Movieline can reveal what the twist actually was before it got cut from the episode.

First, a little background: at the end of the first season, Grimes’s Annie got drunk and appeared to accidentally hit a homeless man with her car. She fled the scene as he died, then spent the bulk of this year wrestling with her inner demons (notably, apart from most of the main cast). Grimes was gung-ho about the storyline when we talked to her at the beginning of the season, but fans found it a drag — and that may have scuttled plans to extend the plotline with a whopper of a twist at the end of the season finale.

Series star Trevor Donovan kept alluding to the twist on a recent press tour, promising E!, “In one of the last scenes of the finale, you find out who actually hit the homeless guy. I can guarantee it comes out of left field.” And yet, when the finale aired, no such scene was a part of the episode.

So what was supposed to happen?

At the end of the episode, Donovan’s Teddy was to confront his father, Spence (played by Ryan O’Neal), and declare that he would no longer cover up for Spence running over the homeless man. That’s right: he was pre-dead. Convenient! The CW practically alluded to the twist when it sent out a press release for the episode boasting of O’Neal’s involvement, but in the final cut of the episode, he was nowhere to be found.

According to Megan Masters at E!, “If you’re hoping to see more of Annie’s hit-and-run issues in season three, don’t. The Powers that Be are leaving the story as is from here on out. Annie was in fact the drunk driving guilty party.” Perhaps the writers had a change of heart, but now you know what they originally scripted and shot. Here’s a deal, guys: we’ll forget about this whole thing if you agree to give us more AnnaLynne McCord crying scenes next season. Those provide some amazing still frames when you happen to pause your DVR.

Source: movieline

The cast of 90210 goes green

“We do everything from recycling to using cloth instead of plastic bags, driving a hybrid and using natural products,” says Jennie Garth of 90210, which has its season finale May 19. “I’m very fond of Lycomed and Arcona skin care products. I also use Shaklee. They have some great products like vitamins. My mom used to sell Shaklee when I was a little girl. They have household cleaning, all that stuff,” she says.

Co-star Dustin Milligan drives a rented Camry hybrid, and composts at home. “I’m very conscious of eco-issues. I recycle and compost and I’m trying not to be so wasteful by buying food and products that come in less packaging. Last Christmas, we used newspaper for wrapping and saved a lot of paper.”

Shenae Grimes, also from 90210, drives a Prius and has a recycling bin at home. “Where I’m from in Canada it’s the law so I’m not used to people not doing that here. Global warming is real,” she says.

Co-star Michael Steger brings his own bags to the supermarket and is looking into getting a hybrid SUV. “We waste so much. In the United States alone there’s so much excess. We need to live with less.”

Source: mnn

new spoiler that is not really spoilery

Is Rob Estes leaving 90210? — Barbara
MICKEY: Yes. As has been previously reported, neither he nor Jennie Garth will be back next season. It’s no secret that the new showrunners have officially shut down Operation Nostalgia. Shannen Doherty tells us that plans for Brenda to return have been scrapped, and don’t expect Donna to ever drop in from Tokyo again — with or without David.

Find Out How AnnaLynne Manages To Look So Good While Giving Back!

The starlet makes being charitable look so stylish!

AnnaLynne McCord may play self-centered, spoiled Naomi Clark on 90210, but in reality, the starlet couldn’t be any more different! We got to catch up with the down to earth gal at Express’ 30th anniversay party hosted by Vogue in NYC on May 20, where she spilled on her stylish must-haves and how important it is to give back!

“Right now I’m in to leather, anything, everything with leather, and I’m all about rocking the studs,” she said, while wearing a playful pink leather alice + olivia frock with studded shoes. “And scarves! I love scarves.”

So, what other accessories does AnnaLynne always seem to sport? Her Somaly Mam Knotted Silk Necklace! “I wear them all the time,” she said. “I was just in Cambodia in March and I got these while I was there.” AnnaLynne, who wraps the necklace around her wrist and wears it as a bracelet, owns the item in a variety of different colors. “It’s a nice, fun summer piece you can rock with everything, but it also means something, so I think it’s really cool to wear something that has a story.” AnnaLynne, we couldn’t agree with you more!

The starlet, who spends her time working with a slew of foundations, including an anti-trafficking organization, says the best part of her stardom is being able to help others. She even encourages her peers to do the same! “My thing is just empowering, especially those lovely Twilighters to use their power for something good, because these kids in our generation wanna know that it’s cool and hip and trendy to give back,” she said, while gushing about the success her friends have found with the Twilight saga. “I think it’s really important that we use that power and we use it now, you can live your 20’s and have fun of course, but do something to make a statement and give back!”

Source: hollywoodlife

What the Heck Happened to That “Mind-Blowing” 90210 Finale?!

OK, it’s not like our expectations were Lost-finale high, but after 90210’s Shenae Grimes, AnnaLynne McCord and Trevor Donovan promised us a “crazy” season-ender with loads of cliffhangers, we expected some juicy stuff—none of which really transpired!

So what gives? We were purposely mislead? Not so, says our source. Here’s what happened to the 90210 finale that never was…

What Went Missing: Ummm, how about the whole “who really ran over that homeless guy” storyline?! Back in March, Trevor told us the season two finale would answer the question left open from season one’s final ep. “In one of the last scenes of the finale, you find out who actually hit the homeless guy,” he teased. “I can guarantee it comes out of left field.”

But come finale night, the only thing remotely left fieldish was the complete exclusion of said reveal. How do you explain that one, CW?!

According to our reliable 90210 source, some story changes were made post-production (and post-press tour in Trevor’s case), and the rumored “real” killer twist was canned. In the end, Annie made peace with her crime, largely due to an encouraging chat with Liam (Matt Lanter), and solemnly wandered home to confess everything to the ‘rents.

And that’s it. If you’re hoping to see more of Annie’s hit-and-run issues in season three, don’t. The Powers that Be are leaving the story as is from here on out?Annie was in fact the drunk driving guilty party.

Bright side? Now that she’s got that monkey off her back, maybe we’ll get to see a fun and carefree Annie, again.

What Actually Happened: Annalynne and Shenae both promised “the worst thing in the world” would fall on Naomi’s shoulders, and lo and behold, the poor girl was seemingly raped by the creepy teacher she falsely accused of sexual harassment earlier in the season. So…there’s that.

Side note: not that we need lots of gory details, but the whole scene was pretty tame for what we were advised to prep for.

What About Rob Estes?! Principal Wilson is officially out of the hiz-ouse. For those 90210ers awaiting a proper sendoff for the family patriarch, we have some bad news—there was never a big to-do planned for Rob’s final days on the show, and we won’t see him again.

Let’s start guessing now: who will replace West Bev’s sexy principal in the new season? And how will the premiere explain Harry’s sudden absence? Time will tell.

Now it’s your turn to sound off. Did the finale satisfy, or did the story swaps fail to provide the much-hyped season-ender?

Source: eonline

Sightings . . .

“90210″ heartthrob Matt Lanter and “Vampire Diaries” star Sara Canning toasting their Social Life magazine cover with publisher Justin Mitchell in the Hamptons on Saturday . . .

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FHM 100 Sexiest Woman Of The World

Number 85

#85 AnnaLynne McCord (down 16 places)

22-year-old AnnaLynne first caught our beady eye in Nip/Tuck and next year she’ll star opposite Val Kilmer (yep, he’s still going) and 50 Cent in drugs thriller Gun. But it’s her role as rich bitch in 90210 that she’ll forever be associated with. You may not watch the show – but FHM sure does. Why? Because the show is set by the beach, and bikini-clad girls hang out by the beach. And sometimes, just sometimes, bikini-clad girls have cat fights on the beach.. like so…

Shenae Grimes on Getting ‘Messy’ at the Gracie Awards Gala

0007.jpgWhy mess with perfection, you might ask? Well, according to 90210‘s Shenae Grimes, it’s all part of a delicate fashion balance. “I think with a pretty dress, you need to casual [your hair] down,” the actress explained to PEOPLE at Tuesday’s 35th Annual Gracie Awards Gala at L.A.’s Beverly Hilton Hotel. The petite beauty, who had nervously Tweeted earlier that morning, “Only plan today is getting beautified to present at the gracie’s this eve…sounds glamorous but fancy aint my forte…slightly freaking, help!!,” needn’t have worried: For the event, she was elegantly turned out in a plunging, floor-length black dress by Canadian designer Evan Biddell with a gold statement belt–which played yin to the yang of her artfully undone hair. “Instead of blowing it out and, you know, making it all pretty, I finally achieved a good messy updo,” Grimes told PEOPLE, noting, “‘Messy’ and ‘updo’ never seem to go together in the same sentence.”

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Happy Birthday

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