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What Luke Perry said in an interview about a possible guest stint

iF: Are they still bugging you to come aboard 90210 redux to do a cameo?
PERRY: We haven’t talked about it for awhile. I told those guys to have a good time and good luck, and they seem to be doing well, so I’m happy for them.


Where you can see Jennie Garth again on TV: Feb. 5 on Today and Feb. 8 on The Wendy Williams Show!


Small Update

I added a few scans and promotion pictures to the gallery, as well as the Matt interview on “Chelsea Lately” to the video section.

// Promotional Season 1 & Advertisement Season 2

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// Magazine Scans

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AnnaLynne – New Year @ “W”

Here is a video,

Matt Lanter on ‘Chelsea Lately’ Dec. 28th

Just a note, I am trying to post as many news, interviews and other stuff missing here as possible. A few things might be already known or watched by you guys but I’ll post them anyway just to be sure ;)

Jessica Stroup Interview in Complex


Men say: Men are the true power players in Hollywood.

Jessica Stroup says: That’s a myth. Women rule men’s lives—every decision a man makes is based on a woman. [Laughs.] Men initially had more power in this industry, and now women are stepping up, writing and directing more. Actresses with strong voices and opinions are being heard. Hollywood’s finally changing and developing a voice that isn’t just about trash.

Men say: Women are too dainty to truly appreciate horror movies.

Jessica Stroup says: I was raised by boys. I can hold my own, I can fight, and I love horror movies—simply for the scare factor and the surrealism. My favorite is The Shining. I was raised in a strict Southern household in Lexington, South Carolina, and I remember sneaking off to watch Pet Sematary as a kid. After seeing those animals reincarnate, I screamed and couldn’t sleep for weeks, but watched it again and again. I have more male friends who are jumpers-in-the-seat than female.

Men say: There’s a housewife in every Southern girl.

Jessica Stroup says: They have big hearts, and are usually more welcome to having large families. But in every single Southern woman? No, there is definitely not a housewife. I’m Southern but I need to be out, making my own money, and impacting the world outside of my house. I think every man loves a good biscuit and gravy, so they come to the South and say, “Those women can cook. I can make a good housewife out of her!” [Laughs.]


AnnaLynne McCord on 90210’s Naomi Clark: ‘She’s the bitch with soul!’

AnnaLynne McCord’s two most famous characters—90210’s Naomi Clark and Nip/Tuck’s Eden Lord—have a lot in common: They’re big ol’ B-I-T-C-H-E-S. Naomi, who has been scheming her way around West Beverly High more deliciously than ever this season, is so much the bitch that she recently made EW’s list of Best TV Bitches, which is on newsstands right now. Making the list, which got some expanded treatment here on, is truly no small feat, as she’s there alongside such awesome TV personalities as Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty and Ian Somerhalder’s vampire Damon from The Vampire Diaries.

But with two nasty roles under her belt, does she worry about being typecast? “Initially, it was something that concerned me,” the always-brassy McCord told EW. “But I’ve always wanted to play the tough girl.” McCord cites bad-ass chicks like Sharon Stone and Angelina Jolie as actresses whose careers she’d like to have. But really, what calms her nerves about the bitch wrap she’s got is her knowledge about her 90210 character Naomi’s true nature: “Naomi is the bitch with the ever-emerging heart,” she explains. “She’s the bitch with soul! She does have the edge, but at the end of the day, she’s the most loyal friend you’ll have—as long as you don’t screw her.”

But screw her is exactly what Naomi’s sister Jen (Sara Foster, pictured at right above with McCord’s Naomi) did to her—by, specifically, screwing her boyfriend Liam at the end of last season. 90210 viewers have been dying for the eventual showdown between the two bitches, a wait that has extended throughout the whole season as Naomi has been blaming the encounter on her former friend Annie instead.

As McCord explains, we might be surprised at what transpires between the two. “It was supposed to be this full-out crazy brawl,” she says. “And I don’t know if it’s disappointing, but it might be where you see another side of Naomi, too, where she’s not that fiery, crazy explosion that you expect. She was really, really hurt by what Jen did. Sarah [Foster] and I were talking about it because Sarah was ready to have it out, and I was definitely ready to pull that girl’s hair out who’s playing that evil sister of mine!” But it didn’t happen like that: “What it kind of set up was Liam, instead, really having to work to fix this. Honestly, I was a little disappointed! I was disappointed because I want that righteous indignation, you know? Yeah!”

Source: ew

Jessica Stroup on Silver’s mom, men, and being more than Naomi’s minion

The ladies of “90210” are definitely taking a beating this season. Naomi is being conned by her sister. Adrianna is a druggie again. And Annie is dating Ade’s greasy, knife-wielding drug dealer. Yet the only one I really feel sorry for is Silver. She’s the only girl who has been dealt a blow that was totally out of control. Her mother, Jackie (Ann Gillespie), is dying of cancer.

“This wasn’t something that she asked for,” says Jessica Stroup, who plays Erin Silver on the CW show. “This wasn’t something she was ready for, but she’s going to do the best she can with it.”

When we last saw Silver, she was discovering a seemingly lifeless Jackie on the couch. Stroup says that isn’t how we’re saying goodbye to Silver’s mother. “She has not passed away,” says Stroup. “It is one of those times when she’ll need to say her piece because she may not make it much longer.”

I finally caught up with Stroup after having to work around “90210’s” hectic shooting schedule to talk about the incredibly emotional journey her character is on as she deals with her mother’s illness, her relationship with her half-sister Kelly (Jennie Garth), who wants nothing to do with their mother, and shuttling between the guys of West Bev.

In the last several episodes, Silver, who has enough problems of her own, has moved in with Jackie to help her out during her illness. That would be a heavy job for any daughter, but Silver also has to deal with her anger toward a mother who was never really there for her.
“So there’s this pull of does she go and try to make the most of the time they have together?” says Stroup, 23. “Or does she listen to her sister and say, ‘You’ve treated me so badly in the past and we don’t have a relationship, so I just don’t care.’”

Stroup says that even though she and her mother are close, that relationship helped her to understand what her character may be going through. “I used my friendship with my own mother,” says Stroup, who was raised in North Carolina. “And kind of put it in Silver’s mind of wanting some sort of a great relationship [with Jackie].”

To prepare for the difficult storyline …

Stroup says she did research not only into her own relatives who have had cancer, but she also worked with a breast cancer awareness group. “It’s interesting,” says Stroup. “I’ve talked to girls who have had their mothers diagnosed with breast cancer. As scary as it is, it entirely flip-flops the dynamic of the relationship.”
We saw that in last week’s episode when Silver unleashed “the binder” on Jackie. You know, the one that detailed Jackie’s daily schedule and medications using a maniacal system of tabs and spreadsheets. In many ways, Silver is almost a better mother to Jackie than Jackie ever was to Silver.

For fans of the original “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Jackie’s death is major (and some say blasphemous). Stroup says that she doesn’t take that lightly.

“With this next episode coming up,” says Stroup, “I really just sat back and watched [Jennie Garth] interact with Ann Gillespie. It was just one of those things when I knew they had spent so much time in real life. They’ve spent so many of their years working together and being in the spotlight and going through the original craze of ‘90210.’ They had this connection that I really stopped and just watched and I was really appreciative of and privy to.”

“There’s this one scene where we’re actually at a hospital,” Stroup says. “And I’m crying. Jennie was looking at Ann. She was holding on to Ann’s hand, then she reached over and she grabbed mine. All three of us are holding hands and crying. It really kind of took us there. I’m just so thankful to work with actresses who are able to be free like that.”

Fans of the original series won’t want to miss this week’s episode. Stroup says Kelly returns and Silver’s goal is to help her rebuild her relationship with their mother.

Just as one relationship might be ending for Silver, one is just beginning with Teddy (played by Trevor Donovan). In the beginning, fans were definitely weary of Teddy’s interest in Silver. Funny thing is, Stroup felt the same way.

“I was like I don’t think this relationship is going to work out,” says Stroup. “It just didn’t feel natural. The more I got to know him and the storyline, though, it felt more organic. His mother had cancer and he just honestly wants to be there for [Silver] and doesn’t want to push any sort of sexual attraction on it.”

That will change, of course. “It’s innocent at first,” Stroup says. “But you’re going to see that there’s going to be some ups and downs in this one, but I’m kind of excited to see where they’re going with it. But I’m having a great time filming scenes.”

Just because Teddy is in the picture doesn’t mean Silver’s love life gets any easier. Hello, it’s “90210″! Stroup says that Dixon (Tristan Wilds) will soon realize what he’s missing out on. “You might see some guy fights over the girl,” Stroup says. “It’s going to be a roller coaster ride with the boys and Silver this year. For sure, Dixon is not out of the picture.”

Stroup seems pretty challenged as it is on “90210,” but says there’s definitely more she’d like to do with Silver. “She’s not Naomi’s minion,” Stroup says. “I want to see her exploring her artistic side and figuring out more so who she is and expressing that. She’s a really strong person and I want to see that explored.”

Source: latimes

Getting back together on ‘90210′

Didn’t you report that there’s still hope for Liam and Naomi on “90210″ this season? Doesn’t it seem like the new surfer girl is going after him? -P
The new surf girl is absolutely making a play for Liam, but that doesn’t mean she’ll get what she wants. Actually, I know for a fact that Naomi will be the victor in this battle and be back with Liam before we know it… much to our new friend’s chagrin.

Actually, Naomi will reconcile with Annie as well, right around the same time.

I stopped by the set of “90210″ to speak with Annalynne McCord on the subject…

Source: korbi

Michael Steger @ San Diego 6

Trevor Donovan: ‘90210′ is Iconic

He plays athletic nice guy Teddy Montgomery on “90210″ — and Trevor Donovan is giving props to the original series “where it all started.”

Source: extra

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