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Trevor Donovan talks about Teddy, acting and really bad horror flicks

As 90210 hurtles towards its purportedly cataclysmic season finale, we’re getting sucked in even more with a series of great actor interviews. And now we’ve got another one!

Trevor Donovan, who plays our adorable Teddy Montgomery on the show, took some time out of his Friday to chat with us. Turns out the most extroverted character on the show used be shy – who knew? Maybe that means there’s hope for even us nerdy writing-types. But probably not.

Anyway, we had a great chat with Trevor about the upcoming episodes and his career, including bumps in the road ahead for Teddy and Silver, the advent of Mr. Montgomery Sr. and how he got into acting. Read on!

Teddy originally started on the show as a character we all loved to hate; do you think he’s evolved into someone that people can identify with more?
Most definitely. You will see it in the upcoming episodes, especially with the introduction of my dad. You’ll see why he is the way he is, and there’s a whole lot more to Teddy’s character. So that hate will start to fade. (Laughs)

Right, Ryan O’Neal is coming on as Teddy’s dad. What was it like working with such an iconic actor?
Not iconic, he’s a legend! But let me just say that it was an honor and such a pleasure to work with him, it was an amazing experience.

What is their relationship going to be like?
It brings out a different side of Teddy’s character, there’s going to be a lot more intensity. Teddy becomes very volatile around his father; he brings out another level in Teddy and you’ll start see why he is the way he is.

Silver kind of messed up her new relationship with Teddy this week with her spying scheme. Is this something Teddy can forgive and forget?
Let’s just say there will be much bigger issues at stake. Teddy’s dad is going to create some big issues for Teddy and Silver and that little spying thing is just going to fall to the wayside.

Have you ever had a similar experience with a girlfriend?
Yep. I was having a little déjà vu in this episode. I guess when you’re in love you do some weird things?

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‘90210′ playboy Teddy has father issues

It seems the ladies of the posh West Beverly High School aren’t the only ones who have daddy issues.Trevor Donovan, who plays Teddy Montgomery on the CW remake of the 1990s hit, hints that his character learned his womanizing ways from his father, who will make an appearance soon and will be played by actor Ryan O’Neil, who was the boyfriend of late actress Farrah Fawcett.

Donovan portrays Teddy as a kid who grew up too quickly, surrounded by his famous actor father’s Hollywood friends

“He’s grown up in a very affluent lifestyle, growing up as the son of an Oscar winning actor, and he seems to have his selection of women, but he does fall for a girl, Silver,” Donovan told On The Red Carpet’s Chris Balish at a recent party to mark the 15th anniversary of the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog.

“He was a bit of a playboy himself,” Donovan described his character’s father. “Which is apparently where I got it from.”

Donovan added that the dynamic between Teddy and his father reflects more of a friendship bond rather than a father-son relationship, which causes potential drama in the show.


Q&A: Trevor Donovan talks ‘90210′

Over the past few months, we’ve given you exclusive chats with 90210 stars including Jessica Lowndes, Matt Lanter, AnnaLynne McCord and Michael Steger. Still hungry after Steger’s tip-off that Navid will be making a “major confession” in the season two finale, we deemed it necessary to catch up with another West Beverly Hills High student. Enter Trevor Donovan, who teases us about Teddy’s latest conquest, Adrianna’s lady-lovin’, and, of course, the elusive finale.

How are things between Teddy and Silver?
“They’re good. What’s great is that they’re creating a very solid relationship – it’s not just a fling. He genuinely likes her and Silver is changing him as a person. It’s a big deal! There’s a lot invested in this relationship, so it’s not going to disappear quickly. They could definitely go the distance. It’s more than just attraction, there are a lot of emotional issues. This is a much more grown-up relationship for both of them.”

Is he over Adrianna?
“Never say never! But she has a lot of other stuff going on, as does Teddy. For now, that chapter is closed.”

How does he feel about her relationship with Gia?
“To tell you the truth, I don’t think it’s really touched upon that much. Personally, I like it – it’s pretty hot! That was an interesting and bold move by the producers, and I think it’s gonna pay off very well. Teddy focused on his relationship with Silver.”

When are we likely to be introduced to Teddy’s family?
“My dad comes in soon. They hired Ryan O’Neal to play him, as you know. I was pretty starstruck when I had to work with him! I’m a big fan of his work so it was a big deal when he came on set. With this addition comes a whole new side of Teddy too, and a whole new dynamic between him, Silver and his dad. There’s a lot of tension and drama there!”

What sort of relationship does Teddy have with his father?
“You’ll see where he gets his playboy ways, I’ll say that much! As far as the relationship between them goes, he’s less of a father figure and more of a friend. I love the direction they’re going in now. They’re showing a different side to his character with his dad, so I would love for that to continue. You’ll see he’s a bit more volatile and… I wouldn’t say dark, but he’s more passionate and aggressive.”

When can we expect a climax to the Jasper story?
“He’s definitely in it for the duration of the season. This storyline has some interesting twists coming up. It’s not gonna end any time soon though. With somebody like that, they might end up bringing themselves down.”

There are reports of a story involving Jasper jumping off the Hollywood sign…
“There will an episode with Jasper and the Hollywood sign, yes! Is it a genuine suicide attempt? Maybe it is… you’ll have to wait and see!”

Finally, what teasers can you give us about the season finale?
“Well, last year’s finale ended with the hit-and-run. That will be explained in this year’s finale and I guarantee you that no-one will have seen this one coming!”

We spoke to Michael recently and he told us that Navid makes a big confession. Is that related to the hit-and-run?
“It could be… maybe. Maybe not! For everybody’s storyline, the cliffhanger at the end is jaw-dropping. It was such a well-written episode and well shot and directed.”


An Exclusive Interview with 90210 Star Trevor Donovan

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing 90210 new comer, Trevor Donovan, for a second time. Donovan, of course, plays Teddy, the player gone monogamist with Silver.

Donovan gave us a preview of what we can expect with his character in future episodes and what to expect from the highly-anticipated season finale. We thank Trevor Donovan for his time and enjoy the excerpt below:

TV Fanatic: What has the transition from soap opera to primetime been like?
Trevor Donovan: Well it’s been fantastic. I’m loving working on the show. It’s easier, to tell you the truth. On a soap opera you’re shooting an entire episode every day and this takes a good week so you have more time to work on scenes and stuff. It’s been great.

TV Fanatic: 90210 took a long hiatus before returning in March. Was there any fear this would halt momentum or cause the show to lose viewers?
Yeah, there was a little bit of concern. The network knew what they were doing. There were a lot of time the other shows on different networks at the same timeslot, so we weren’t fighting for ratings. a little bit of concern, i think it worked out just fine. it brought all the viewers that might have missed prior episodes up to speed. and now we’re up and running.

TV Fanatic: Talk about Teddy. When he first came aboard, he was an arrogant jerk, but we’ve seen more layers of him little by little. Will we be learning more about the character?
My father comes into picture, not only does that bring in another storyline, but you’ll definitely see a different side of my character.

TV Fanatic: Can you tell us a little more about your father?
He’s played by Ryan O’Neil. He’s an Oscar Award-winning actor and comes into the picture and he puts his career first. That brings a lot of tension between him and I and Silver and me.

TV Fanatic: The show made an effort to unite Teddy, Dixon, Liam and Navid as friends. What’s the chemistry like between you and the actors that play those roles?
It’s great. i kid you not, these guys are so cool. it was a little intimidating working with an ensembled cast who’s been working together for a year. They were so welcoming, and helpful. They’re all really good people.

TV Fanatic: What can you tell us about working with my personal crush, Jessica Stroup?
Haha. You and I both. She’s wonderful. Not only a great actress, such a sweetheart. When we first started, we weren’t really fond of each. With the development of our relationship on camera, there’s been a development of friendship off camera. That progression has happened very organically on and off camera.

TV Fanatic: Let’s talk about relationship with Silver, what can we see going forward?
With the introduction of my father, there’s a lot a added tension and stress. But we’re working on it.

TV Fanatic: Can you reveal any spoilers about the season finale?
I’m sure you’ve heard from the other cast members, it’s going to be shocking. I don’t want to give to much away. There’s this question of who hit the homeless guy and how it all went down. there’s gonna be answers, but it’s going to be shocking. Anna Lynne is the main storyline with a shocking twist. Definitely gonna be worth tuning into.


Jessica Stroup talks “Teddy”

An Interview with Tristan Wilds

In the ’90s, I was a huge fan of the original Beverly Hills 90210. I watched each of the 296 episodes, and when the series went into syndication, I watched it over and over again. 296 times however many times I watched each episode — well, you do the math. Needless to say, after spending more time than I like to admit watching that show, nobody was more excited than I was when the CW announced plans to bring the zip back to the small screen.

Creating a dynamic and likable main family was essential, so rather than put together a goodie-two-shoes type family, the writers chose to take a different approach. I’d like to think that TPTB wanted to prevent viewers from comparing each of the characters to the original cast. Mission accomplished — the Wilson’s are nothing like the Walsh family.

Tristan Wilds plays Dixon Wilson on 90210 and instantly became a huge hit with fans of the show with his charismatic, vulnerable and honest portrayal of a teenager who was rejected by his drug-addicted birth mother, adopted by the Wilson’s and then forced to leave his friends behind and move across the country to live in one of the most affluent towns in the country. I had the pleasure of speaking with the equally charming actor about his role, where the show is headed and how well the cast of 90210 really gets along….

Q: When you took on the role of Dixon, were you worried that people would compare your character to Brandon Walsh?
Tristan: “Yeah, definitely. It’s funny, when he (Jason Priestley) came to direct an episode, we sat down and talked and I realized, ‘I’m playing you.’”

Q: Did Jason give you any advice?
Tristan: “He told me to steer clear of the paparazzi and to try and stay out of the public’s eye as much as possible.”

Q: Where you a fan of the original show?
Tristan: “I didn’t get a chance to watch it as much as I wanted to, but we had to watch a couple of seasons before we started the show. My sister and cousin were big fans and the only memories of watching it was fighting them for the remote because 90210 was on and I wanted to watch something like Secret Squirrel.”

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New Tristan interview

90210’s Tristan Wilds Talks T.P. and Sex Tapes!

I am not quite sure whether or not we already posted this. sorry, if it is a re-post.

90210 recently returned from a three-month hiatus with a bang: Gia and Adrianna locked lips, Naomi bared all, and Jasper blackmailed Annie. You would think we’d expect such jaw-dropping stunts by now, but cast member Tristan Wilds (aka Dixon) says the series still surprises him. I recently asked the actor for his take on what happens on camera — and off.

The 90210 writers always think up outrageous storylines. What shocked you?
First, it was the sex tape. That was amazing to me. Everything else was just wow, wow. Like, a constant wow factor. It was amazing to me that we actually touched on that. Usually that would be so taboo.

Were you surprised by the recent kiss between Adrianna and Gia?
I definitely was. It seemed like we were going to go there last season, but this season, full throttle ahead and we went there. It was crazy!

What are some of your favorite scenes to film?
I think the guys’ scenes are really cool, because we all play off each other really well. We’re always making jokes, it’s always something, so it’s really cool to play off the guys. Don’t get me wrong, the girls are very cool to play off as well, but the guys, there’s just a certain dynamic.

Is there a jokester among the boys?
Yeah, I guess you can say that…[I'm] definitely cracking jokes, and playing pranks and all that good stuff, but it’s all in good fun.

Any prank that was particularly good?
Somebody — I won’t say who — T.P.’d Michael Steger [Navid]’s trailer. It was horrible. Toilet paper hanging from the ceiling and just all over the trailer.

Sounds like a fun family on set…
We’re always like family. So when I see them, I don’t even call Lori “Lori,” I don’t call Rob “Rob,” [it's] “Hi Mom,” “Hi Dad.”

Who do you hang out with most off set?
I hang out with Michael Steger (Navid) a lot off set. I hang out with Dustin Milligan (Ethan) as well from last season. Matt (Liam) every now and then. We try to plan little dinners where all of us get together, so we always stay abreast of everyone’s happenings.

So do you get recognized more for your other big role as Michael from The Wire or as Dixon from 90210?
Honestly, I get either Dixon or Michael. It’s one way or the other. There would be people who I would expect to watch 90210 who call me Michael, and people who I expect to watch The Wire who call me Dixon. Like, grown men. It’s weird! But I definitely appreciate any type of fan love.

This new episode (airing tonight) focuses on a girl fight between Ivy and Naomi. Who is your money on?
I don’t know. They’re both pretty strong girls. They’re like exact opposites; they’re like yin and yang. It’s going to be a good fight. I think Ivy’s a little more scrappier, but you never know.


90210: Tristan Wilds is too good at keeping secrets

Ah, Tristan Wilds — you are charming, funny and way too good at keeping 90210’s seedy secrets. There’s no need to tease, Tristan — we’d watch anyway!

In any case, he did give away some spoilers for the upcoming episodes in season two, which definitely piqued our interest.


Last week we saw Dixon confess his feelings for Silver. How is that going to work out between them as the season progresses?
Well, Dixon and Silver will always have something together, they were each others’ first loves. So they’ll have a special friendship, but I can’t say whether or not they get together. I really want to tell you guys though…

Teddy was really into Silver until Dixon came back in the picture, is this going to mess up their friendship?
It will for a bit, but at the end of the day they’re friends, they’re still buddies. They’re not going to let something like that come between them.

Will Dixon be able to contact his birth mother?
He will, but whether it’s a positive or negative relationship, you’ll have to wait and see.

Now that Navid’s plan for outing Jasper as a drug dealer has backfired, will Dixon keep trying to get Jasper in trouble to protect Annie?
All I can say on that one is Jasper will definitely get what’s coming to him at the end of the season.

Read more interviewed Michael Steger

At 29, Michael Steger is a little old to be in high school, but the actor does a convincing job as West Beverly High’s newspaper editor Navid Shirazi on 90210. Navid has had his fair share of ups and downs lately—recovering from a break-up with Adrianna, watching her go back to drugs, and getting pushed down the stairs by nefarious dealer Jasper. I spoke to Steger about playing Navid and where the character is headed. Good news: His love life is looking up. I actually graduated from the real Beverly Hills High and many of my friends were Persian, so I was excited to see the addition of a Persian character to the 90210 reboot. But you yourself aren’t Persian. What kind of research did you do and how do you reflect that culture?
Michael Steger: Well, it’s much like the way I am, first-generation American. My mother’s side of the family’s from Ecuador, and there’s a disconnect from the family overseas. Navid is so much in tune with the American lifestyle, but yet he’s in touch somewhat with the cultural background. I have a lot of friends who are Persian, so I’m very aware of their status in Beverly Hills and everything. My research is the friends that I have and constantly talking with them and learning their little catch phrases. I’ve got like a sheet of Farsi that I always play around with, but they’ve never really delved that far into the culture on the show.

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