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Interview with Tristan

Tristan Wilds is just 20 years old, and he’s already amassed a mighty impressive stack of credits. He played Michael Lee on HBO’s acclaimed series The Wire, appeared in music videos for the likes of Jay-Z, Wale, and Alicia Keys, and acted in such films as Half Nelson and The Secret Life Of Bees. Right now, he co-stars as Dixon Wilson — adopted brother of Annie (Shenae Grimes) — on the CW’s 90210, and recently wrapped production on the upcoming, George Lucas-produced Tuskegee Airmen drama Red Tails. Over on 90210, which will conclude its second season on May 18, Dixon has been romancing two lovely ladies, Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Sasha (Mekia Cox). We recently caught up with Wilds for an exlusive interview in which he discussed events on 90210, acknowledged that lots of people still recognize him from The Wire (TV), and previewed Red Tails (2010).

What were your expectations for 90210 heading into the season, and how similar/different has the experience been so far?
Well, so far the experience has been a dream. You hear stories of the anarchy caused on sets; the arguments, the fights, and feuds. I expected to go in like we did last year, as if we were one big family. And we did, it’s been great and a lot of fun.

What intrigues you most about Dixon and his arc so far on the show?
(Laughs) The older women. It was great to venture into what happens when a younger guy meets an older woman. It was fun, and I have to applaud the writers for their creativity, and Mekia Cox for bringing Sasha to life. It just lets you know that anything and everything can, and maybe will happen in Beverly Hills.

As we build to the end of the season, what kinds of stories can we expect, both in general and for Dixon specifically?
Well, in general the stakes get raised for every character. These characters are now being tested. Dixon specifically gets himself in a little trouble and the new interest in his life is tested… so you have watch to see what happens.

Can we assume that “Confession,” the season-two finale will be a cliffhanger?
Well, as you know 90210 does not like to leave things all pretty and tidy. We have to leave you guys hanging for the next season. Some storylines answer questions you have had as viewers, but there are also storylines that may open up to get you guys ready for the next season.

Looking to season three, what are you eager to learn about Dixon as a character? Eager to play as an actor?
I’m eager to learn more about Dixon’s background, what makes him tick, who his family is, how and why he handles things the way he does, and other things along that line. I’m sure the writers have enough up their sleeves to make sure the third season comes back with full force.

You’ve wrapped Red Tails. Those men are growing older, sadly, and another one passed away the other day. To you what’s important about their story? And how important is it that it be told while some of them are still alive to enjoy the recognition?
Well, while we were growing up in the black communities, we never had too many prominent black heroes. We would have had Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. to look up to. For some kids, those were the only heroes to aspire to. This is important to show that we have other heroes, heroes that fought for our nation, while fighting racism in our nation. They were the cream of the crop. And they were very young to take on such a daunting task and make history. So I think it’s important that everyone knows the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Give us a feeling for your character in the film. Is he based on a real figure? Is he a combination of men rolled into one?
My character’s name is Ray T. Gannon, also known as Junior, or Ray-Gun. He’s the young one of the bunch, just trying to fit in with the guys. He was made up of many different stories and Airmen, so, it required a lot of studying.

How did the shoot go? Did you work with George Lucas during the re-shoots that he reportedly directed himself? If so, how was that?
The shoot was amazing. We were in Prague and Croatia for the principal shooting. And yes, we got to work directly with Mr. Lucas himself for the reshoots. It was cool. Mr. Lucas is a real amazing and talented guy. It was a blast to work and create with him.

How often do people still recognize you for The Wire?
(Laughs) All the time! If I don’t hear Dixon, then they call me Michael. It never fails.

How satisfied were you with how they ended Michael’s storyline in the series finale of The Wire?
I liked it. It captured what Michael went through and who he had become as a person. It demonstrated how things can come back full-circle.

What will you be up to during your off-season?
Auditions and some family time. I also plan on relaxing and work on my music. New York is like a safe haven for me, so I can write and create here like crazy.

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‘90210′: Jessica Lowndes on Adrianna’s new dude, Navid and her big season ending decision

No Drama Adrianna’s got a new dude.
If you watched this week’s “90210,” you got a good look at the international singing sensation who’s caught her eye.

In the video interview below, Jessica Lowndes tells Korbi TV all about this Javier character and how he fits into Adrianna’s life … but she’s also reflecting on her now-defunct girl-on-girl romance with Gia (Rumer Willis) and the unrivaled connection she has with one Navid Shirazi.

Watch the clip for that, plus scoop on Lowndes real-life music career and the big, life changing decision Adrianna is faced with before the season ends…


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90210 – Trevor Donovan – Tennis, Dad & Silver


Jessica Lowndes’ Musical 90210

90210 star Jessica Lowndes is more than just a pretty face—and she gets to prove it this week, showing off her musical ability when her character, Adrianna, takes a stab at songwriting for Ivy’s mother. Sing it!

Big episode, huh?
I’ve been singing my whole life, so to sing on TV is a dream come true.

And you duet with Latin pop star Diego Boneta. How was that?
I think it came out well. My style is more pop-rock, which you’ll see in the following episodes. Two of my songs will be on the show later in May.

Ade also works with her ex Navid (Michael Steger) on a song…how does that bode for her current love interest, Gia (Rumer Willis)?
No one can compete with the history that Adrianna and Navid share. Gia cheated on Adrianna. So Ade now has a deeper understanding of what Navid went through when she cheated on him.

Bisexuality…addiction…rock and roll. So much
for “no drama Adrianna.”
The “no drama” thing lasted half an episode. Adrianna has an addictive personality and is essentially addicted to the highs and lows. When things are sailing smoothly, she gets bored!

90210 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW

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Ryan Eggold Exclusive Interview

Break out TV star Ryan Eggold (aka “Mr. Matthews”, the super dreamy teacher on “90210″ that every high school girl…and her mom…loves to obsess over) is amazingly talented, passionate and smart (he went to USC…calling all Trojans!). Oh and he is a dog lover, because when I caught up with Eggold he was hanging out with his canine champ at a Los Angeles dog park. The chorus of high pitched “ruff-ruffs” heard in the background was the tip off, to which Eggold joked, “I’m barking because I’m so excited to do this interview.” Funny on demand? Add it to the list.

Eggold has now teamed up with National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for the 4th Annual Wanna Play Music Week. The event, designed to promote music making, featured Eggold in a good old fashioned jam session with students from ICEF school Fernando Pullam Performing Arts High School. Check out Eggold below as he talks music, “90210″ and hippie tendencies.

MM: How did you become involved with NAMM’s National Wanna Play Music Week?
Ryan Eggold: I met NAMM through Susan Geffen. She was amazing. I did a PSA for NAMM and we ended up jamming and hanging out for a few hours. Then NAMM asked me to be a part of this [National Wanna Play Music Week]. It is great to be associated with them and to promote art and music education. With the budget cuts going on, there is a lot of stripping away of art and music education in schools. They’re really struggling.

MM: Your jam vs. the kids’ jam…how was it?
RE: The kids upstaged me [laughs]. I jammed for a bit and then they said, ‘all right, check this out.’ They shredded me! There was a lot of energy and the kids were really talented. They rule! When I was sixteen, I could only play “Chopsticks” on the piano [laughs]. We did a blues jam thing. It was really fun. When I heard about the flashjam event too at the Walt Disney Concert Hall [kicks off today at noon], with 100-200 people jamming, I thought ‘that sounds awesome’. It kind of makes me feel like a hippie. I’m a 2010 hippie [laughs]. I put the bell bottoms away and its more of a mentality.

MM: What is your music background?
RE: I play the guitar and the piano and have a group of guys who I play with. They’re uber talented. I’m also writing and recording at home and will go out with it eventually. I’m still figuring out my sound and my voice.

MM: How has your life changed since landing a starring role on one of the most talked about shows ever aka “90210″?
RE: My life has changed in that I get made fun of by the guys in my family but the girls are excited [laughs]. I’m kidding. You try to stay grounded. I never got why actors don’t like it when a fan comes up to them on the street. It is cool that someone recognizes what you do and makes you feel like you live in a community.

MM: What was the audition like for “90210″?
RE: It was real last minute. I was coming off of “Dirt” with Courteney Cox and I had some options in TV. I heard about “90210″ and thought, “wow, this is really cool. I’m going for the 90210 thing.” Yada, yada, yada I went in to audition on a Saturday and when I left I thought, ‘I could have nailed it, I could have done better.’ Then I found out they chose me and I thought, ‘cool!’ [laughs].

MM: Can you share any “90210″ season finale secrets? Please say yes.
RE: Sure! There is one big reveal that has to do with “Jen”, Sara Foster’s character. When I read the script, I said ‘holy crap, we’re going there?!’ [laughs] I’m very excited to see how it impacts the 3rd season.

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Jessica Lowndes delivers her music to the show

The nation’s hottest zip code is about to get a little more musical.

On The Red Carpet caught up with Jessica Lowndes, who plays Adrianna on 90210. She told us she’s thrilled with her record-contract-storyline, because she’s a singer, and she’ll soon be bringing her original music to the series.

“There’s definitely a lot of big things to come,” she said. “You see, Adrianna has just been offered a record deal. So there’s going to a lot more music which is so much fun for me, cause I am actually a singer, and I am recording an album right now. So in a couple weeks, two of my songs are actually going to be on the show.”

She went on to say there may be a new love interest for her character since being cheated on by Gia, played by Rumer Willis.

“You just saw Rumer’s character Gia cheat on my character. So they’ll definitely me more love stories,” she said.

90210 airs Tuesday nights on the CW.

Visiting With the “90210″ Cast

90210 – Matt Lanter – Dad’s Back

Matt Lanter talks about Liams dad coming back, more conflicts with evil step dad, and a certain scene in a fountain.

Matt Lanter Interview

TeeVeeTee has chated with Matt about how it is to combine two totally different characters – Liam on 90210 and Anakin Skywalker on Star Wars: The Clone Wars – among other interesting things.

Cool guy Matt Lanter is Liam Court in the brand-new second season of 90210. But listen closely . . . Matt is also the voice of Anakin Skywalker in the brand-new second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on The Cartoon Network.

Q: Matt, you’re the voice of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and you’re in the new second season of 90210 – both of which we’re seeing at the same time. How do you fit both the voice work and the acting in?
ML: With difficulty! Ha, no usually scheduling works out because Star Wars: The Clone Wars only takes up a few days a month. We can usually record one episode in a four hour session. My manager handles all of my scheduling, thank goodness!

Q: Were you a fan of Star Wars before you got to voice Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series? Did you know, or how much did you know of Anakin Skywalker and Star Wars before you started voicing him?
ML: I had really only seen a couple of the films I think, so I can’t really consider myself a fan before I got the role. I honestly didn’t know much about the characters or how they all fit together. Of course I knew who Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were but didn’t know the full story. Now I’m proud to say I’m a Star Wars geek!

Q: From the first season to the current second season Anakin Skywalker is already becoming darker, more daring, more . . . ”ruthless” in a way. Viewers are definitely getting more of a sense in Star Wars: The Clone Wars – especially in this second season even more so – that he didn’t turn into Darth Vader over night but that it was a journey. How do you approach voicing him and that slow progression?
ML: It’s something that Dave Filoni [the director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars] and I have talked about here and there. But keep in mind that I won’t ever have to be as dark as Vader because the Clone Wars all take place before Revenge of the Sith but I think those flashes of the darkside will come more frequently as the series continues. I’m not exactly sure what’s in store for Anakin for the remainder of our series.

Q: What do your friends say that you’re actually a part of the Star Wars legacy now and that you’re Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
ML: To sit back and think about it like that is pretty amazing. I’m very proud to be not only voicing an iconic character in a popular and loved franchise but also because we are making a quality show that millions of fans and families can enjoy together. My friends would say the same.

Q: The guys you play – Liam and Anakin – constantly have some rough patches with Naomi as well as princess Amidala. Any girl advice for guys who don’t build boats and don’t have light sabres?
ML: Ha! Choose wisely my brothers.


In the new season we can see that Annie is going through the aftermath of the car accident, and dealing with a crazy boyfriend. Can you tell us if your character is going to grow even darker through the season?
She will, indeed… Annie is dealing with a lot of dark energy, she has doubts about herself, trouble fitting in…and the crazy boyfriend doesn’t help. It’s gonna be intense.

Can you identify yourself to your character?
No, not really. Annie is naïve whereas I’m confident, I don’t sit and wonder around like she does. But first season I could identify myself to her a bit, in the way that both of us where new to LA, Hollywood and it’s crazyness! I guess we were discovering it at the same time.

In the tv show, everyone seems to have had tension with everyone ! How is the mood when the cameras stop rolling? Do you get along with your partners?
Yes, very well! I don’t get to see them a lot these days because I’m always with the crazy boyfriend, but when we do hang out and have scenes together, it’s always a lot of fun.

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