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’90210′ Liam ‘still has anger issues’

Matt Lanter has revealed that his 90210 character Liam will still struggle with his anger.

In an interview with the New York Post, Lanter explained that his problems will not be resolved quickly.

“That’s part of his personality,” he said. “It’s always going to be there. [In] season one he really started acting out, but that was before we got to know him.

“Now we’ve seen his vulnerable side, but it’ll always be there – even in season three, he’s already gotten into a couple of fights. He might or might not have been on a boat that isn’t his. Stuff like that.”

Lanter also revealed that he is excited about the third season and promised: “[There will be] juicy drama, complications, love triangles, backstabbing, sexual escapades and… whatever else the writers can think of!”

The third season of 90210 begins on September 13 on The CW.


’90210′s’ Matt Lanter on S3

’90210′s’ Matt Lanter on S3, ‘Vampires Suck,’ apologizes to ‘Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev

Warning: Spoilers!

Zap2it had a great time with “90210′s” Matt Lanter (who plays Liam) after his interview on The KTLA News Morning Show. In his new movie, “Vampire Sucks,” premiering Wednesday (August 18), he rejoins Writer/Director team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who he did “Disaster Movie” with. He told us that despite the new film being a spoof, “Twilight” fans will probably get a kick out of it.

“A lot of our scenes are kind of ripped right out of ‘Twilight’ in just these funnier, quirkier, wacky situations,” Lanter says. “So, ‘Twilight’ fans are the ones who will actually get the jokes.”

He tells us that while the film primarily spoofs “Twilight,” it does do some take-offs of pop culture (cough, “Jersey Shore”). He also tells us that close pal, Nina Dobrev of “The Vampire Diaries,” asked if the film spoofs her show and back then, he said no. But, now that we’ve asked, he realizes that there is a take on the fellow CW show. Sorry, Nina!

Once we got around to talking about the upcoming Season 3 of “90210,” Lanter gave us some great scoops! It’s already out there that he and Annie (Shenae Grimes) are taking their relationship to the next level with their first kiss, but Lanter reveals that Liam’s newly discovered half-brother (played by Evan Ross) will complicate things for the couple. Also, Naomi (AnnaLyne McCord) may not be out of the picture and we should probably expect more girl fights, though the may not be physical (damn) over Liam.

He also gave us some new details on the earthquake that will open the season, including the possibility that not everyone will get out unscathed.

“We’ve got an earthquake coming up, Episode 1,” he reveals. “So, we’re back, we’re in your face with this big event that happens. So, it’s kind of cool to see what happens to these people during the earthquake. I think someone is going to be injured in the earthquake. Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.”

Lanter has been really busy this summer with his film and his other gig as the voice of Anakin Skywalker on the animated series, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” on The Cartoon Network. But, he did find some time to scratch his sporty itch.

“I really kinda got the golf bug a little earlier this year,” he says. “So I’ve really been working on it. And, my game, it’s workable now. Maybe, I can kind of take that and go with it. It will be my niche.”

He adds, “Watch out Tiger, Matt Lanter is comin’ for yah.”

Trevor Donovan says the gay storyline ‘will be organic’

After last season’s widely perceived mishandling of Adrianna’s (Jessica Lowndes) short-lived lesbian storyline, “90210′s” producers are being sure to stress that the upcoming gay storyline will really be, well, gay.

After Zap2it was the first to report that Trevor Donovan’s character, Teddy Montgomery, is the mystery male coming out in Season 3, the actor is using Twitter to respond to his many fans who have reacted to our article.

“I read all your tweets and know you are all curious about the ‘gay’ character this season,” he writes. “Let me say, gay or straight, relationships are relationships. Everyone goes through the same kind of troubles and joys.”

While The CW tells us that there are no plans to bring back Ryan O’Neal, who played Teddy’s father, Spence Montgomery, last season, Donovan mentions family as one of the things the character will have to deal with.

“A gay storyline will have an added issue of dealing with judgment from others,” Donovan, 31, says. “Acceptance, by family, friends, society and self is just one of the concerns the character will be going through. It is a part of life, and it should be portrayed.”

And if you were one of the many who were disappointed when Adrianna’s lesbian plotline fizzled within a few episodes, Donovan seemingly addresses those concerns, as well.

“I was told, and am confident the storyline will be written very well and the change in the character will be organic, NOT overnight,” says Donovan. “It’s going to be a great Season 3. I look forward to chatting with you all as we progress.”

The CW declined to comment for this article.

Source: zap2it

Breakthrough of the Year Awards 2010 – Videos

2010 Teen Choice Awards

Matt is in this at about 2:35 but we know all the spoilers he shares

Matt Lanter (Vampires Suck, 90210)

Vampires Suck (2010) opens nationwide on August 18th and promises to mock all vampires that have defined pop culture, in the past few years. The humorous parody film, similar in fashion to Dance Flick and Date Movie, will poke fun of all things teen angst related and will take a bite out of the Twilight franchise. Taking on the daunting role as Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), 90210 star Matt Lanter slapped on The Golden contacts, perfected his pout and went to work as the lead character.

Lanter, who began his career in comedy, traded the drama of West Beverly (90210) and returned to his roots for Vampires Sucks (2010). PopStar spoke with the star about all things vampires, including his real thoughts on those annoying contacts, his take on Team Edward and how he was able to channel Edward for the film. For those of you, who do not like to see your beloved Edward mocked, Lanter has a special message just for you!

Vampires Suck looks like a side-splitting parody on all things vampires.  Like many millions, have you too been bitten by the vampire infatuation bug? Nah not really, I did watch the first season of True Blood though! Oh and I am however a fan of some the older stuff like Lost Boys and From Dusk til Dawn.

In the film, you play Edward—did you watch any of the Twilight films and study Robert Pattinson for inspiration on how to be the perfect brooding vampire?

Oh yea, we were eating,sleeping and breathing Twilight while we were down there.  Alot of The Stuff we’re spoofing comes directly from the Twilight movies.  I definitely think I channeled my inner Edward.

You’ve got the Edward look down, from the tousled hair to the stark white makeup and even the contacts.  The Twilight cast openly talks about the make-up process being the least fun, what do you think?  Was the contacts and make-up that bad?
Oh man I feel their pain..literally.  Yea the contacts are not fun.  I actually wore the same contacts as they did and after being in them for 14 hours at a time, it hurts!

This film has such a great, young cast —what was life like on set?
It was awesome! We all had a great time and Jenn Proske who plays our “Bella” was so much fun.  Obviously most of my scenes are with her.  We wanted to actually do a good job of representing the characters from Twilight but still give them our own funny twists.

In the beginning of your career you did many comedies are you enjoying getting back to your routes in this new film?
I love comedy and love playing it.  On 90210 my character is pretty serious most of the time so to take a little break and stretch my comedic legs was fun.

The Twilight community has really embraced you and this film (many blog sites have declared you the next best thing).  So be honest, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Ed man!

90210 returns in only a month, we have heard that an earthquake shakes up the season opener.  What else can you tell us?  Will Liam be getting a new love interest, or will he try and works things out with Naomi?
As of right now we pick up season 3 with Liam and Annie getting romantically close.  We left off last season with them kind of opening up towards each other so that continues.  But you never know, a new love interest is always right around the corner on 90210!

Message to your fans?
Seriously friggin love you guys, keep watching 90210 and go check out Vampires Suck on August 18th.  And p.s.  I’m not mocking your beloved Edward…  I’m just  giving him a quirky, kinda clueless side ;)

Source: popstar

New Matt interview

Matt Lanter on Poking Fun at Robert Pattinson and His 90210 Love Life

Matt Lanter has a big couple of months ahead of him. Not only is he gearing up for the return of 90210, but in two weeks we’ll see him do his best Edward Cullen in the Twilight spoof, Vampires Suck. At the Summer TCA, I stole Lanter away for a few minutes, where he talked about his respect for Robert Pattinson and his fears of Twi-hard backlash. He also revealed what will happen with Annie and Liam on 90210 and gave us his take on which character will come out of the closet.

BuzzSugar: How much fun was it to spoof Twilight in Vampires Suck?
Matt Lanter: I had a blast doing it. I’ve worked with those guys before on Disaster Movie, so I knew I was going to have a good time. And to be able to do a Twilight spoof — let’s be honest, they had it coming, right?

Buzz: Do you worry about fan backlash?
ML: Like a bunch of teen girls showing up at my house? A little bit, a little bit. So please don’t hurt me.

Buzz: Have you met Rob [Pattinson]?
ML: I have not! He seems like a great guy, though. He really does. Honestly, I’m a fan. He does a great job in the Twilight series.

Buzz: So you’ve seen the Twilight movies?
ML: Yeah, I’ve seen them. I actually read the first book. I did my character research!

Buzz: Can you do an Edward Cullen impersonation for us?
ML: I’m not going do a re-enactment for you! But I had the eyes and I had the hair. My hair was longer too, I had a very good, disheveled Rob Pattinson look going on. It was great, we pretty much closely follow the Twilight film. So a lot of the scenes in Twilight we’re actually doing. What’s also kind of cool is that we also follow our own storyline. It was fun.

Buzz: Did you get to do the sparkling like diamonds scene?
ML: I did, I did do the diamond scene. And I was naked in front of — well, not completely. I had a little loin cloth on in front of like 300 extras. You know you have that nightmare where you get up in front of everyone, and you’re talking, and all of a sudden you’re naked? That actually happened.

To see what Lanter had to say about 90210, including big spoilers about Annie and Liam and the rumored gay character, just read more.

Buzz: Let’s talk about 90210. What’s happening with Liam next season?
ML: Well, at the end of last season he broke up with Naomi and he was getting a little bit emotionally closer to Annie. This season we see that kind of blossom into a romantic relationship. In the first couple of episodes we’ve shot, we share our first kiss. It’s really romantic, it’s out on another boat that wasn’t blown up by creepy Jasper. I’ve got a half brother coming in, which is a surprise to everybody.

Buzz: Is Jasper still going to be around in the next season?
ML: Not yet. I don’t know, we’re a few episodes in and they haven’t explained last season. Last season we ended with Jasper blowing up Liam’s boat, then Liam beat him to a pulp. But we haven’t seen the ramifications of that yet.

Buzz: Will Liam’s anger management issues come to a breaking point?
ML: I don’t know, it would kind of be fun to play. I love playing Liam when he gets to do the bad stuff, like racing cars and stealing boats.

Buzz: You said that Liam and Annie’s romance develops, so does that mean that Liam is not the character who’s going to come out of the closet?
ML: That’s what everyone’s been asking me about! We’re two or three episodes in and I don’t think that happens for a few more episodes. There’s a possibility of it heading toward any of the three guys.

Buzz: Were you surprised when you found out the storyline was coming?
ML: I read it in an article just like everybody else. My picture popped up and it said, “Gay this season?” and I said “What?!”

Buzz: You know people are placing bets, making polls . . .
ML: I know! So I voted for . . . Dixon.

Buzz: Dixon wasn’t actually one of the contenders.
ML: I mean . . . I voted for Navid!

Source: Buzzsugar

AnnaLynne McCord: I Surprised Casting Directors!

AnnaLynne McCord works it out in a feature in Prestige magazine’s August 2010 issue.

Here’s what the 23-year-old actress, who posed for celeb photographer Mitchell McCormack, had to share:

On being homeschooled: “I studied through 12th grade. You can do that with homeschooling because it’s more flexible. I just blew through the grades and graduated early. I don’t think I missed out on anything by not going to high school. Home schooling is becoming more common in the US. It’s not that unusual in the southern and western states. The day I graduated, I was off to Miami to become a model. My parents, being so conservative, did not like it, of course. But I was always a pretty headstrong daughter and I was financially independent, so nothing was going to stop me. I packed my bags and my uncle drove me to South Beach.”

On surprising casting directors: “I had interesting reactions from casting directors. To them, I suppose, I looked like this blonde bimbo with a New York attitude who should be a model, not an actress. I remember one of them apologised to me when I had finished my audition. He said: ‘Oh my God, you really can act!’”

On working hard: “The truth is that you have to work to be an actor, and I work my a– off. I come from a background where you have to work to succeed in anything.”

// Annalynne: Shoot 28

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Jessica Lowndes On New Season of 90210

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