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Tristan @ 2010 Do Something Award Nominees

// 2010-05-24 Celebrates The 2010 Do Something Award Nominees

0005.jpg 0003.jpg 0005.jpg 0001.jpg

I also updated this album with lots of pics,

// 2010-05-21 AnnaLynne McCord at the event and a book store in NYC

gallery addition

I added a few more MQs and HQs to the Upfront events and these are completely new,

// 2010-05-20 Ryan and Gillian greet fans at the Gramercy Park Hotel during Upfronts

004.jpg 006.jpg 005.jpg 003.jpg

Gallery Updated

// 2010-05-20 EXPRESS 30th anniversary party
// 2010-05-20 Annalynne Mccord leaving her hotel and arriving to the CW Upfront Party
// 2010-05-20 Annalynne Stops to pose with fans while out in NYC
// 2010-05-20 Tristan Wilds Arrives To The Grammercy Park Hotel
// 2010-05-20 Celebrities Head To Vogues Birthday Party For Express
// 2010-05-21 Ryan Eggold Waves To Fans As He Leaves His Hotel
// 2010-05-21 AnnaLynne McCord Looking Vibrant As She Leaves Her NYC Hotel

0027.jpg 0001.jpg 0023.jpg 0009.jpg
0005.jpg 0006.jpg 0009.jpg 0002.jpg
0003.jpg 0001.jpg 0004.jpg 0002.jpg
001.jpg 002.jpg
0002.jpg 0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0005.jpg
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The CW Network’s 2010 Upfront Party – Inside

// The CW Network’s 2010 Upfront Party – Inside

inside0016.jpg inside0009.jpg inside0005.jpg inside0012.jpg

More added:
// 2010 The CW Network UpFront

The Cast arriving to the CW Upfronts

// 2010-05-20 The Cast of “90210″ arriving to the CW Upfronts

0023.jpg 0048.jpg 0052.jpg 0046.jpg

Upfront 2010

We are adding pics as we find them. So far we got some of AnnaLynne, Ryan Eggold, Gillian Zinser and Tristan attending. Not sure about the other cast members.

HQs added

// 2010 The CW Network UpFront

0073.jpg mq0005.jpg mq0066.jpg mq0025.jpg

New pics of Tristan and Matt

// The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Charity Screening (May 19th)
// Celebrating The Launch of H & M`s Fashion Against AIDS Collection (May 19th)
// Matt Lanter exiting The Golden Globes (January 17th)

0008.jpg mq0006.jpg 0004.jpg 0001.jpg
mq0003.jpg mq0006.jpg mq0001.jpg mq0007.jpg
matt_leaving_goldenglobes0001.jpg matt_leaving_goldenglobes0003.jpg matt_leaving_goldenglobes0002.jpg

Gallery update

I am adding a few more pics from the last days so check this post!

// 2.19 – Multiple Choices (6 more HQ stills)
// WILDFOX Fall 2010 Collection Celebration (16 more MQs)
// Jonathan Adler For 7 For All Mankind Launch Celebration (4 more HQs)
// Step Up Women’s Network 7th Annual Inspiration Awards (21 more HQs)
// 12th Annual Young Hollywood Awards – Arrivals (6 more MQs and 34 more HQs)

New Jessica Lowndes & Tristan Wilds pics

// 2010-05-12 Jonathan Adler For 7 For All Mankind Launch Celebration
// 2010-05-13 WILDFOX Fall 2010 Collection Celebration

a0008.jpg m0002.jpg 0001.jpg 0007.jpg
mq0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0003.jpg 0006.jpg

Tristan Wilds Is Single & Looking

One of 90210′s sexiest leading men, Tristan Wilds, has been linked to several A listers including Rihanna, but the 20-year-old, insists he is simply single yet looking.

“Ladies, I’m single. I’m not really picky. A girl has to be very smart and take care of herself. She has to know that self confidence will make a girl glow.”

Well then, bring out the confidence bronzer!

Source: socialbutterflies

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