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Ryan Event

// Todd DiCiurcio: Heartstrings Hosted By Ed Westwick

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The cast doing a photoshoot at the beach

// The cast of 90210 is doing a photoshoot at the beach

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New Interview with Ryan

Some shoots

// Cast: Shoot 12

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// Matt: Shoot 04

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90210 Premiere Party

// 90210 Premiere Party

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“Work” In the Sexiest Zip Code

No Melrose Love for 90210’s Ryan Eggold

Don’t expect 90210 actor Ryan Eggold (Ryan Matthews) to pop up on the CW’s new Melrose Place, as he prematurely announced. Melrose producers tell me that because Ryan’s 90210 love interest from last season, Jessica Lucas, is now playing another character on Melrose, it would prove too confusing for fans. “Jessica’s character and had an affair with Ryan on 90210,” says Melrose exec producer Todd Slavkin. “So we clearly feel that’s something to avoid.”

But Slavkin says original 90210 players Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, who both reprised their roles on the new 90210, would be fun to invite over to the Melrose courtyard. “We love Tori Spelling,” says Slavkin, a former Smallville producer. “We worked with her on Smallville we thought she was great. And we’re huge fans of Jennie Garth. Both characters turned up on the original Melrose Place, so it would be fun.”

For his part, Eggold isn’t giving up hope. He says, “They were trying to figure out if they could have me on – but just never have me in a storyline with Jessica. I wouldn’t be surprised if I eventually end up in some kind of 3-episode arc.”

But Ryan has plenty to keep him occupied on 90210. When the series returns in Sept. for season two, expect a love triangle to develop between Ryan, Liam (Matt Lanter) and Naomi’s evil older sister, Jen (Sara Foster). Rather than play the adult, Ryan says his character will “start acting like a teenager, which I’m excited about. They’ll be trouble.”

Source: TVGuide

B-Day Wishes

Happy Birthday Ryan Eggold!!

VIDEO: 90210’s Ryan Eggold Is Proud of His Trophy Kids

Ryan Eggold spent his summer vacation from 90210 filming Trophy Kids, an indie that he describes as “a commentary on Generation Y, these kids who sort of… have a sense of entitlement.”

Eggold plays Max, a guy “who’s been on Easy Street his whole life.” Bored and looking to stroke his ego, Max “arrives at the idea of making a film” — about his hard-living, party-boy self, of course, says Eggold.

As Max enlists an aspiring screenwriter (played by 7th Heaven’s David Gallagher) to tell his tale, “Drama ensues, and there’s a girl in the middle — as there always is!”

Tahyna Tozzi (X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s Emma Frost) plays the beauty battled over by the boys, while Tania Raymonde (Lost) and Nathan Lee Graham (The Comeback) also have roles in the film.

Ultimately, Trophy Kids’ filmmakers hope to get the finished product showcased at film festivals, where “you hope somebody sees it and falls in love with it,” says Eggold.

Watch Eggold’s complete video Q&A below.

Source: TVGuide

Nearly the whole cast at one event

// CBS CW Showtime Summer press tour party in San Marino

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Shenae, 19, wore a Camilla and Marc dress, Neil Lane jewels, Armani shoes and a Valentino clutch. Jessica, 22, wore a Stella McCartney top and pumps, Catherine Malandrino shorts, and a Jimmy Choo “Cara” clutch.

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