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New cast photoshoot

// Cast: Shoot 17 (thanks to Natalia)

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Michael Steger celebrates his wife’s birthday and you are invited

Gallery Update – Jessica Lowndes, Ryan, Michael & Shenae

// 2010-03-31 Shenae Grimes Hosts A Benefit For St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

2010-03-31-083.jpg 2010-03-31-110.jpg 2010-03-31-082.jpg 2010-03-31-059.jpg

//2010-03-31 LG Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2010 Collection – The Heart Truth Show

2010-03-31JL-005.jpg 2010-03-31JL-004.jpg 2010-03-31JL-022.jpg 2010-03-31JL-002.jpg

I know Dustin was there as well. I am not done looking for pics :)

‘90210′: Navid gets back in the game

Judging by the description for Tuesday’s (March 23) “90210,” there’s a whole lot going on in the episode. Silver and Teddy go on a date, Dixon’s birth mom shows up and Debbie gets cozy with her yoga instructor.

The CW would also like you to know that Navid (Michael Steger) is ready to open his heart again after breaking up with Adrianna. He asks Lila (Amber Wallace, making her second appearance on the show) out on a date.

Is that the same beachfront cabana Naomi and Liam ate at last week? Hope it goes better for Navid. Oh, wait — it looks as though it does.

Also, Adrianna and Gia are puzzled by something on the beach.

You’ll have to wait till Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET to see Dixon’s biological mother (April Parker Jones) and Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Teddy’s (Trevor Donovan) date, we’re afraid.

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Live Chat with 90210’s Michael Steger at

On Tuesday Mar. 23rd at 3:00pm PT (6:00pm ET), please join in a live Q&A chat with 90210 star Michael Steger!

Make sure to be part of this amazing opportunity to chat with 90210 star Michael Steger!!! interviewed Michael Steger

At 29, Michael Steger is a little old to be in high school, but the actor does a convincing job as West Beverly High’s newspaper editor Navid Shirazi on 90210. Navid has had his fair share of ups and downs lately—recovering from a break-up with Adrianna, watching her go back to drugs, and getting pushed down the stairs by nefarious dealer Jasper. I spoke to Steger about playing Navid and where the character is headed. Good news: His love life is looking up. I actually graduated from the real Beverly Hills High and many of my friends were Persian, so I was excited to see the addition of a Persian character to the 90210 reboot. But you yourself aren’t Persian. What kind of research did you do and how do you reflect that culture?
Michael Steger: Well, it’s much like the way I am, first-generation American. My mother’s side of the family’s from Ecuador, and there’s a disconnect from the family overseas. Navid is so much in tune with the American lifestyle, but yet he’s in touch somewhat with the cultural background. I have a lot of friends who are Persian, so I’m very aware of their status in Beverly Hills and everything. My research is the friends that I have and constantly talking with them and learning their little catch phrases. I’ve got like a sheet of Farsi that I always play around with, but they’ve never really delved that far into the culture on the show.

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Exploring New 90210 Drama with Michael Steger

Actor Michael Steger of 90210 has settled into the role of Navid Shirazi, the newscaster, interviewer, and politico style journalist of the new West Beverly Hills High. After struggling through feelings for 90210 theater student, Adrianna, played by Jessica Lowndes, that led to a relationship and break-up after Adrianna got pregnant, the Michael Steger embodied Navid had some tough 90210 decisions on the downside of love. The tension between Navid and Adrianna reached a peak when Steger’s character witnessed his ex buying drugs for someone else that led to Navid getting pushed down a flight of stairs.

Ahead of the March 9 episode of 90210, “Rats and Heroes”, we hopped on the line for an exclusive 90210 one-on-one with Michael Steger to learn more about where things will head with Navid throughout the rest of the season, where his feelings stand for Adrianna, and how things will shape up with the rest of the 90210 characters.

THE DEADBOLT: So how does it feel to be the proverbial odd man out in this new love triangle?

MICHAEL STEGER: Well, it’s interesting because he’s not for the love triangle. So once he realizes Adrianna is dating someone else, he retreats in his work. It’s like he’s wrapped up playing video games in his own room. He’s just so involved in The Blaze and he ends up finding someone else who’s equally invested into journalism and that’s Lila, his star reporter. So he’s found the perfect combination of love and work and he’s happy right now. He’s found his happy distraction.

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Michael Steger is a jack-of-all-acting-trades

As fun as 90210 is, sometimes an actor just has to branch out, or remember his roots. We’re always happy to talk with Michael Steger about either. You know him as Navid Shirazi from West Bev, but Michael has definitely been around the theatrical block.

We spoke with the actor about his work and it turns out he’s gotten quite experimental.

You were in two Bollywood films in 2005 and 2008; what was that experience like compared with American film-making?
It is completely different and really great. It was a very magical experience working in a foreign country.

Read on about Michael’s other adventures in acting, including his work with “Alice in Wonderland” director Tim Burton.

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Michael Steger to TV Fanatic: Did Navid Make Adrianna Gay?

For the second time in the last year, 90210 star Michael Steger has been kind enough to sit down with TV Fanatic.

Following our latest interview with the actor, we have a better idea of what’s ahead when this CW hit returns tomorrow night. We’d like to thank Michael for his time and to excerpt some of our conversation with him below…

TV Fanatic: The has been off the air for three months. Is there any fear on how this might affect ratings or viewship?
Michael Steger: Not really. I was glad we waited until after American Idol had premiered. It was almost a necessary thing as a result of that, and I took it as a nice break.

TV Fanatic: Where are you with filming?
Steger: We recently finished the finale. It took eleven days.

TV Fanatic: What can you tell us about it?
Steger: There are some pyrotechnics involved. A lot goes down and we learn who killed Jasper’s uncle.

TV Fanatic: Any 90210 spoilers you can reveal?
Steger: Navid starts a relationship with Lila, one of the reporters on The Blaze News.

TV Fanatic: How does Navid react to Adrianna’s new, same-sex relationship?
Steger: He blames himself at first. He wonders: Did I make her gay? When Navid sees Adrianna with Gia, a reporter on The Blaze, he’s stunned by the entire picture.

TV Fanatic: How has Navid changed since he was first introduced to viewers:
Steger: At first, he didn’t know what he was made of. It took a girl like Adrianna to bring it out of him. Navid learned a lot about himself through that relationship and it helped him grow into manhood. It was more self-worth now, more of a backbone.

TV Fanatic: Rob Estes is leaving after this season. What’s it been like to work with him?
Steger: It’s been one of the highlights of the show for me. He’s cool, talented, a great guy. I’, confidence he’ll come back at some point.


Exclusive: 90210’s Michael Steger Talks Navid’s Future, Journalism and More

Please stop emailing me, commenting on the news etc regarding the 215 synopsis. I already added it to the season 2 guide days ago! I will remember to post a news entry about this the next time ;)

I first interviewed Michael Steger in spring 2008, shortly after The CW announced they ordered their 90210 pilot as a full series. He and the rest of the cast didn’t know much about their characters yet but he did know this: he’d sort of be Andrea Zuckerman version 2.0, via his association with the West Beverly Blaze.

I was sold. After all, Andrea had been the Beverly Hills 90210 character I identified with most (at least until she got pregnant and married–in that order–while a freshman in college…can’t say that happened to me!). A season-and-a-half later, I’m more than pleased to see Steger’s character Navid Shirazi still has the journalism connection.

While chatting on the phone earlier this week, Steger shared with me his favorite real-life journalists, filled me in on Navid’s storyline for the next few episodes (is there a possible battle of the red-heads brewin’?) and expressed where he’d like to see 90210 to go in season 3.

TeenDramaWhore: I’ve been reading up and watching the other interviews you’ve done lately. There’s a clip showing Navid by the lockers in school, wanting to plant some drugs on Jasper [Zachary Ray Sherman].

Michael Steger: I end up finding a way to get cocaine and I have a plan to use it to get Jasper kicked out of school. I’m trying to recruit Dixon [Tristan Wilds] and Liam [Matt Lanter] to help.

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